A Student’s Experience of the iPEC Coach Training Program, Part 5


Shreyas is an iPEC student attending our virtual coach training program. He has been sharing his experiences during different points throughout the program as he progresses through it.

It has been seven months since I embarked on the journey to develop and grow personally and enrolled in iPEC’s Coach Training Program. What I knew then was that I had two things: my passion to help people, and my intention to make a career out of it.

The iPEC journey has been rewarding at each step and has been a partner in my development journey, giving me the right tools and a nudge in a positive direction.

Read further as I share what has changed for me in the last seven months and also give you a peek into my coaching business, shaped by iPEC’s flagship, Core Energy Coaching™.

My Background Prior to Coaching

I graduated with my master’s degree in December of 2019, full of ideas and the hunger to make a difference in the transportation industry. My studies set me up for work with one of the biggest names in the automotive industry and I was scheduled to report to work in March 2020.

Now, we all know what happened in March of 2020—global lockdown! As a result, my offer was rescinded and I was left no choice but to return home empty handed. It felt extremely stressful to not have had a start to my career, and I felt lost in the crowd of job seekers frantically looking for a way out.

Having said that, there was this inner voice that continuously told me I had an alternative option to look at. It took me two full months to let go of my victim mentality and actually listen to my intuition. The voice was pointing towards my experience of education counseling, which I had picked up as a hobby a few years ago. The clientele were mostly my friends and their referrals, looking to pursue studies abroad.

Like a thunderbolt, an idea struck me out of nowhere. The pandemic was affecting students too, and there were many students seeking to find answers and get their queries addressed to ensure they made the right decisions. 

This realization prompted me to look into coaching, and the impact it would have on students and parents alike. 

As a result of this experience, I invested my time in studying coaching and its practices, and got certified by Meridiem for Executive Coaching.

I decided I wanted more intensive training where I could get all the skills and tools I needed—so shortly after, I enrolled in iPEC’s Coach Training Program.

“Sometimes our only mode of transportation is a leap of faith.”  – Margaret Shepherd

What has changed for me since iPEC’s Coach Training Program?

iPEC was my starting point to make inroads into coaching. The intention was to equip myself with all the tools and skills to help me stand out from the crowd. After all, there aren’t many 25 year olds (24 when it all began) that invested time and money to acquire the skills and use it to make a difference.

The major change I noticed after enrolling with iPEC was my ability to set right intentions and let go of unrealistic expectations. Below are just some of the changes I’ve noticed, and areas of my life where I’ve experienced transformation:

A powerful shift in perspective

My iPEC experience taught me to see things from a perspective of “win-win,” both when creating my goals and working towards them. This helped me believe they were achievable.

More focused goal-setting

The goals set were positive and felt reasonable. I started to work towards having a pleasant outcome and positive target

Building resilience

Learning and practicing the iPEC Foundation Principles helped me build resilience and persevere in spite of challenges and obstacles.

More creative thinking

The skills and tools set me up for success by creating an environment to brainstorm different ideas and reassure myself on its productivity and attainability.

Pursuing goals with a sense of purpose

iPEC’s tools helped me create a connection between me and my end outcomes, which helped me stay on track.

Motivation that lasts

I started to track and visualize my progress, which served as a major motivation prompting me to keep going without feeling burnt out.

Better time management

I started prioritizing things based on what served me, resulting in time for my personal and professional development.


Peer coaching sessions helped me identify the resources I needed to set myself up for success and stay accountable and committed.

Letting go of perfectionism

I’m now able to emphasize progress over perfection and not fret when things don’t go as expected.

Empowered decision-making

Last but not the least, I’ve stopped forcing myself to do things when it does not work out or just for the sake of doing it.

“A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will.”  – Spanish Proverb

Final Thoughts

No one program alone can bring about all the changes mentioned above. Experiencing these types of shifts requires a degree of involvement and open mindedness to embrace the concepts and teachings, try them on, and determine if they serve you or not. 

iPEC’s coach training program has certainly helped me tailor my coaching practice to align with my purpose, with access to a dedicated coach community and a supportive team long after the program is completed. It enhanced my natural talents with proven, research-backed tools, so I can better serve the people who seek me out. 

Wishing you all success in all your future endeavors!

This article contains interpretations of the concepts taught by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Schedule a conversation with an Admissions Coach to explore the possibilities! Admissions Coaches aren’t sales people, and they won’t pressure you to enroll. They’re here to help answer your unique questions, and to coach you through your decision on whether coach training with iPEC is the right next step for you.

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