Coaching Model: GRACE


A Coaching Model Created by Mimm Patterson

Life Coaching Model Mimm Patterson


A Coaching Model for Individuals Recovering from Trauma or Living with Chronic Pain

Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Life Coaching Model Mimm PattersonWho are you today?

Sometimes the story we tell ourselves about the person we believe we prevent us from knowing the person we are meant to be. The Grace Model guides us toward a fresh perspective. A place where a new story can replace the old.

Who will you be tomorrow?

The Grace Model is grounded in practicality and infused with joy. The principles of the Grace Model align with the action-oriented approach of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The model supports our journey as we gather, reclaim, accept, commit and execute a new path. The Grace model opens our hearts and feeds our soul. With Grace, we walk through life honoring our own truth and authenticity.


Life Coaching Model Mimm PattersonWhat dreams do you want to see realized?

The Grace Model is a container in which we place our aspirations and goals. Shining a light on our hopes through dialogue with a coach using Grace as our model provides clarity and focus.

What stands in your way?

Life is filled with choice. But sometimes the decisions we need to make to move forward leave us frozen with uncertainty. The Grace Model provides the space we need to explore all of our options. It offers the space and silence we need to hear the whispers of our inner voice.

What tools do you need?

To support our journey, the Grace Model offers opportunities to experience therapeutic yoga, contemplative crafts, SoulCollage®, or Guided Autobiography. For some, a blended coaching path encourages levels of awareness not always accessed through dialogue alone. For others, pure coaching encourages deep introspection. The choice of how we work with the Grace Model is always ours.


Life Coaching Model Mimm PattersonWhat do you value?

When we’re living with chronic pain or recovering from trauma it’s easy to lose sight of our core values – the values that shape who we are and the values that show others how we choose to walk through life. The Grace Model encourages taking time to re-discover and to reclaim the ideas and ways of being that reflect our essence.

Values that feel lost or distant to us can be found through intentional discussion, quiet contemplation, journaling, creating art, or gentle movement. And once our lost values are found, they are a part of us again.


Life Coaching Model Mimm PattersonWhat truths do you need to own to move forward?

Sometimes it feels easier to give in to the wind. But when we do we lose our sense of direction. We lose our sense of purpose. The ability to accept our chronic pain or the trauma from our past does not mean we’ve surrendered our autonomy. The ability to accept the truths in our life is not the same as admitting defeat. In the Grace Model owning our truths – accepting what cannot be changed – is the moment of liberation when our hearts and minds accept the gifts that new possibilities bring.


Life Coaching Model Mimm PattersonWhat do we need to live an intentional life?

The Grace Model calls on us to change the story we’ve been telling ourselves. About our chronic pain. About our trauma. About who we are. The Grace Model calls on us to celebrate our empowerment. We are empowered when we commit to living according to our values. We are empowered when we commit to living an intentional life. We are empowered when we commit to making life-affirming choices when faced with difficult decisions and discerning with clarity the correct course of action when confronted with challenging situations.


Life Coaching Model Mimm PattersonThe Grace Model shows us how to gather our tools, reclaim our values, accept our truths and how to commit to living according to our values… …and then we take flight. 

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