Coaching Model: THE HUMOUR


A Coaching Model Created by Anna Lubrano
(Business Coach, SWITZERLAND)

The more connected to yourself, the more unique you are.

Business Coaching Model Anna LubranoIntroduction

Honouring my science background, I was inspired by a term deriving from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humour (Latin: humour, “body fluid”), controlled human health and emotions.

Business Coaching Model Anna LubranoFurthermore, as an intrinsic cultural characteristic of many people also from my home Region (Campania, Italy), humour has always been my faithful travel companion that has always accompanied me.

Sense of humour means lightness: a quality that has fostered my resilience, even when I had to cope with the premature loss of my immediate family.

Having a sense of humour enables different perspectives, allowing one to restructure “reality” with new meaning and definition.

Business Coaching Model Anna LubranoNot less important, humour makes me feel in connection with myself and others on deeper level-unlocking access to intuition and creativity.

Humour is my key trait of uniqueness and what can be found in a coaching journey with me.

The Model

The Humour Coaching Model celebrates the uniqueness of human beings to envision the future and create a meaningful and fulfilled life.

This is possible through an enjoyable journey that fosters peoples connection with themselves, as being unique requires an enhanced and deepened connection with the own self.

Indeed, in today’s complex and challenging environment, it is easier than ever to get lost in everyday activities and feel stressed by how life, society and the planet are rapidly and unpredictably changing. Consequently, people focus almost always on anything and anyone but themselves.

Connecting is the most important thing to do. When people connect with themselves, they get to know who they are, what really drives them, where to find the purpose, and how to connect with others on a deeper level.

The more connected people become, the more power of conscious choices they get; and most importantly, the more connected to yourself, the more UNIQUE you are.

Business Coaching Model Anna LubranoExamples of uniqueness traits are authenticity, resilience, flexibility, empathy, courage: all vital resources to cope with everyday challenges and to build the own “personal brand”.


Humility is the doorway to truth and clarity of objectives…it’s the doorway to learning. Wynton Marsalis

Humility means accepting not knowing, making client curious, open to new learnings and increasing awareness.

Coaching is setting objectives, searching for the “truth”: active learning.

Embracing humility allows both the coach and the client to create a powerful and authentic relationship, putting the basis to set a clear agreement around the process, plans and goals.

Humility is a coaching main gate and a step closer to find the unique self.

Uncoverhabits and emotions

Beliefs represent a set of automatic habits of people mind, mainly unconscious. They form over time and can be either positive or negative.

When negative, they can work against the own benefit influencing behaviours, making people feel stuck.

Emotions also play a far greater role in individual thinking, decision making and success.

Clients are supported to become fully aware of their beliefs and emotions, becoming also more capable to:

  • manage their own ones
  • recognize and deal with those of others
  • making decisions that are conscious and empowering


It means living in alignment with values and purpose.

Values are the building blocks of people uniqueness (who they are), the centre of everything they do, what drives them when making decisions in life.

The purpose is the reason for existence and a North star. It’s a moving passion and powerful source of energy that gets people to the destination through an enjoyable journey.

Clients are therefore supported to become more aware of their values and purpose to plan actions truly aligned with them.


Clients are assisted to create and identify opportunities to plan and put in place actions aligned to their own values and life purpose.

Action is the playground for new learnings towards increasing awareness. It is an opportunity for clients to experience multiple times new meaningful things.

Indeed, the movement created by taking actions creates momentum that in turn shifts clients out of their status quo. This motion increases energy and enables new perspectives.

A crucial element to moving in the direction of clients’ uniqueness.


People have innate characteristics such as strengths, values, skills, competencies, and attitudes that are unique to them. It is what makes them different from others.

Through actions, clients can focus on these traits and acknowledge them as real and tangible.


It means re-viewing values, purpose, beliefs regularly, as they can change over the course of life, often after reflection or certain events.

This helps clients to effectively sustain their uniqueness over time putting the basis for a continuous process that nurtures their recognition of learnings and vision.

Living in full awareness of the present plays a pivotal role. The present is the place where all resources and energies are gathered to move forward.

It means welcoming and managing your own thoughts, emotions and feelings.

As John Kabat-Zinn stated

… when you hear the word “mindfulness”, you have to hear the word “heartfulness” simultaneously to understand or feel what mindfulness really is… Jon Kabat-Zinn

In essence, the Humour coaching Model helps people connecting with their unique traits supporting the ability to consciously choose how to exploit them to cope with challenges, making individual feel in the driver’s seat of their lives with confidence, courage, empathy and freedom.


How to reconnect with yourself

Resonant Leadership, Richard Boyatzis – Annie McKee

Mindfulness for Beginners, Jon Kabat-Zinn

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