QUIZ: Marvel Loki or Mythology Loki?


As Marvel’s new Loki series makes plain, Loki is not restricted to one timeline like us mortals. Originating as a figure in Norse mythology, innumerable writers and artists have since created their own versions of the irrepressible pseudo-god.

The most famous such adaptation is, of course, Marvel’s. Since his first appearance in 1962, Marvel Loki has become one of the company’s most famous (and marketable) villains. Both he and Mythology Loki have played many roles — from mischievous but generally decent chap to murderous would-be despot — and have made significant contributions to popular culture…but how well can you tell them apart? This quiz will help you find out.

For the first two questions, all you have to do is guess if the story originated in the comics or in the mythology. After that, to keep things from being too easy (Loki would never abide that), you also have to specify the exact source: the poem, prose, comic book issue, or storyline where it came from. Reader beware: Marvel has adapted a few Norse myths over the years. Just because you’ve read a particular story in a comic doesn’t mean that’s where the story originated!

Read, true believers? Let’s test your knowledge of Mythology Loki versus Marvel Loki with a quiz!

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