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A Coaching Model By Océane Staib Evin, Executive Coach, IRELAND

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin

A Coaching Model which supports people, leaders, and organizations increases their ability to adapt. A model which focuses on supporting the development of Adaptative Leadership and Adaptative Mindset.

Covid 19 Pandemic has been yet another strong reminder of the speed at which our environment and world are changing and how sudden and unexpected these changes can be. In less than 12 months people and organizations have gone through profound transformations in their ways of interacting, working, living and have had to, for some, face radical changes in their daily lives and interactions.

The volatility and uncertainty of the corporate world and environment can be destabilizing. Learning how to maintain positivity while adjusting in a resilient and proactive manner are crucial skills to get leaders and teams through the most challenging and unexpected challenges and setbacks.

I have throughout my personal and professional life lived and worked on all continents regularly changing positions and work environments. These changes have led me to constantly adapt to countries, environments, cultures, settings and to put immense value on adapting and building my world of happiness, whatever the setting and “variables”. 

As I embarked on my coaching Journey I developed a high interest in the notions of Adaptive Leadership and Adaptive Mindset, alongside positive intelligence, and have been blown away by the potential power of coaching in supporting leaders develop their ability to adapt.

Through coaching, I create the space, the environment, and develop a thoughtful coaching approach to support leaders and people develop their awareness of power adaptivity. With this awareness grows motivation and commitment to developing further skills to grow their ability to adapt, their adaptive leadership, and adaptive mindset skills.

Step 1: Understand the environment and challenges faced

Through active listening and powerful questioning our first sessions will be dedicated to understanding the client’s environment, the challenges faced, and what the client wishes to focus on.

Potential Questions:

  • What would you like to discuss in our time together?
  • What influences or impacts the situation?
  • What can you influence/control/change?
  • How can you influence or change the situation?

Step 2: understand how increasing his / her ability to adapt can support him through these challenges

All challenges require people to adapt in one way or another. The more one is ready to solve a challenge, learn and grow with the challenge the more he will be willing and ready to adapt his/ her approach, viewpoint and reframe their perspective.

Potential Questions:

  • What would such action give you?
  • How can adapting your approach change the situation?
  • How can adapt your approach change other people’s reactions?
  • What benefits have you noticed from your change in approach?

Step 3: Focus on how to develop and practice an adaptative mindset & leadership

Once the client has shown the ability to adapt his/her viewpoint, has been able to change perspective, and see the benefits of doing so, coaching can be very powerful in helping the client develop his ability to detect challenges and where he/she can change perspective and adapt their approach for future challenges. It is through awareness and practice that adaptability will grow and eventually become natural.

Potential Questions:

  • How has your ability to adapt changed the situation?
  • What benefits do you note from adapting your approach?
  • What can help you next time you face similar challenges?
  • How can you practice noticing similar challenges and adapting your approach?
  • What can support you doing so?

Adaptative mindset & leadership coaching aims to support clients maximize their potential and that of their organization by increasing their ability, as well as that of their organization, to adapt to all new unexpected circumstances, rapidly and efficiently, ensuring countless options have been heard and considered.

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