How to Find Clarity and Courage Through Career Coach


A Coaching Model By Lauren Moy, Career Coach, UNITED STATES

Finding Clarity and Courage Through Career Coach

Clients hire a Career Coach as they are looking for clarity and courage as they look for a new job or make a career change. As a Career Coach, I will strive to incorporate the ICF Core Competencies into my coaching practice. Below is the coaching process as outlined by International Coaching Federation (ICF), as coach and client partner together during each session using the format below:

Career Coach Career Coaching Model Lauren Moy

1. Establish the Coaching Agreement

As a client, come prepared to coaching with where he or she is in the job search process and what he or she would like to focus on.  At the beginning of each session, the client will Identify the specific issue for the allotted time and establish the goals and expected outcomes for the session.

2. Clarify the Current Situation

Starting with the client’s desired outcomes, I will invite the client to explore and investigate what new actions or perspective shifts might be needed to unearth possible solutions.

  • I encourage the client to complete various assessments including the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and a values checklist.
  • I also work with the client to reflect and brainstorm about different career options that utilize the client’s interests, strengths, skills, experience, values, and personality.

3. Clarify the Gap

I as the coach will share observations for the client to consider regarding where the gap exists between the current situation or the desired one. I may ask what issues or obstacles are preventing the client from reaching his/her goals. Typical issues include:

  • Clarity about which career or job targets are a good match for the client.
  • Review of the client’s resume, LinkedIn profile, and job search strategies as the client may be applying to jobs and not getting interviews.
  • The practice of the client’s interviewing skills, as the client may be getting interviews but not landing job offers.

4. Identify and Commit to Action

The Client chooses actions to work towards goals. The client will identify the steps needed to move forward, as well as remove obstacles that are hindering the client’s progress.

5. New Learning

 The client summarizes commitments and perspective shifts. As clients drive results, a shifting perspective often includes going from confusion to clarity and fear to courage.

6. Accountability

Coach partners with clients to hold their promise to themselves, and to discuss ways that the client can enhance his/her accountability to reach their goals.

Learn How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

Your Coaching Model reflects your values,
philosophies and beliefs and must communicate who you will coach
and the problems you will solve.

Read more about creating your coaching model

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