Howard Bloom and Alex Watler Announce The Launch Of The Howard Bloom Institute On Coast To Coast Am Tonight 1:10 AM


Howard Bloom and Howard Bloom Institute leader Alex Watler will announce the Howard Bloom Institute’s debut Wednesday night at 1:10 am on 545 radio stations via the highest-rated overnight talk radio show in North America, Coast to Coast Am.

Honorary advisory board members of the Howard Bloom Institute include a former Governor, five scientists, a MacArthur Genius Award-winner, the creator of seven series for the BBC-TV, a key Prince band member, fusion-nuclear power pioneer and actor Harry Hamlin, and Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges.

The aim of the Howard Bloom Institute is to change the way you see everything inside you and everything around you by promoting the work of Howard Bloom while he’s here on earth and after he’s gone. The essence of Bloom’s life work appears in the award-winning 62-minute documentary, The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom.

First projects of the Howard Bloom Institute include

    • the launch of a new academic discipline, Omnology,
    • the animation of a visual manifesto for the future of life and the future of humanity, Garden the Solar System, Green the Galaxy, which has been named the official vision of the National Space Society,
    • two pieces of music based on Bloom’s scientific work, and
    • an NFT series based on Bloom’s work with figures like Michael Jackson, Prince, Bob Marley, and Luther Vandross.

Bloom normally appears on Coast to Coast AM every Wednesday night analyzing the news.  But November 10th, after the debut of The Howard Bloom Institute, Bloom will debate for 90 minutes with right-winger John M. Curtis.  Coast to Coast AM is a Republican show.  Bloom is the show’s resident liberal Democrat.

The official website for The Howard Bloom Institute may be found here:

Find your local station and where to listen link below:

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