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A Coaching Model By David Elser, Executive Coach, UNITES STATES

How to Improve Job Performance and Satisfaction

At Doing The Farming Chores Coaching, we specialize in coaching anyone on the corporate ladder, from the CEO to the front lines. Our focus is on improving our client’s productivity and joy while they perform their life’s work.

Farming Chores David Elser Coaching Model

In today’s high-tech and fast-paced world, we are faced with many seasons and are burning the candle at both ends. We struggle to do our best at work and in our personal lives. At Doing The Farming Chores Coaching, we allow you to experience your journey. We actively listen to your coaching goals and aim to evoke awareness and discovery while facilitating growth to live the best life on your farm (home or work).

Farming Chores Five-Step Process

Our coaching model follows a five-step process: Plan, Plant, Fertilize, Cultivate, and Harvest. This model allows you to reap the rewards of your vision and hard work (a bountiful crop) that you celebrate and share with others.

  1. Plan

As a Certified Professional Coach from International Coach Academy (pending graduation), we review with every client what Coaching is and how it can help you be the best version of yourself. We review and discuss expectations while adhering to the International Coaching Federations (ICF) Code of Ethics. A formal coaching agreement is also reviewed-explaining the terms of our agreement for coaching. Topics include scope, schedule, fees, ethics, cancellation notice, and a confidentiality statement.

  1. Plant

Each coaching session begins with a discussion of what is most valuable for you to work on (what seed you want to plant) during that specific session. We will explore your coaching topic, what you hope to achieve during the meeting, the reasons these results are important to you, and gain clarity on what success looks like.

  1. Fertilize

During each coaching session, we strive to evoke understanding and actively listen to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to ensure positive growth in the areas you want to address (continuously nurture the seed).

  1. Cultivate

During each coaching session, we cultivate and support your growth through self-discovery, co-creation of action items designed to remove obstacles (weeds) in support of your goals.

  1. Harvest

At the end of each coaching session, you assess your commitment level to work the action items you produced and deem essential. Also, you explore ways to celebrate your success (bountiful harvest).

Thank you for considering Doing The Farming Chores Coaching. We cannot wait to help you sow the seeds of change, and help you grow personally and professionally. We look forward to farming with you!

Learn How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

Your Coaching Model reflects your values,
philosophies and beliefs and must communicate who you will coach
and the problems you will solve.
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