LIFE – Looking for Happy Life and Meaningful Life


A Coaching Model By Rana Al Jamal, Growth Mindset Coach, PALESTINE

Using the “LIFE” Model to Look for Happy Life and Meaningful Life

Happy Life Growth Mindset Coaching Model Rana Al JamalEveryone is looking for happiness and meaningful life. Throughout our journey, we struggle and face miseries that we don’t want and at the same time can’t avoid. We can make a list of circumstances, events that can cause dramatic thinking. The main trap we fall into is perfection, when we forget that life includes both sides good & bad and we strictly refuse the bad when it happens. 

Through our journey, we form different perspectives according to the experiences that we live, which could be wrong, and realizing that it is wrong is very important to shift the way we think. I found that using my “LIFE” model would be helpful for this subject.

L Life Is Not Perfect but It Is Full of Opportunities. Choose an Opportunity Which Life Is Offering You and Work on It. 

Even in developing countries, happy and successful people exist. Below are some questions to ask the client.

  • What is this person doing differently?
  • What are the opportunities in your country? What is the opportunity there for you?
  • What can you try differently?

I Imperfection Is Part of Life. No One Is Perfect and It Is Fine. Find Your Strengths and Work on It.

People with a fixed mindset believe that they are the way they are by nature and can’t be changed. It might cause negative behavior when there is a desire to do something without trying the best to achieve it. Sometimes people also fall into the “it is not the right time and the right place” trap. I believe that nothing in the world exists by chance. Everyone has a specific role. If a person has a dream or idea, it is easier to work on it than just thinking about it and live with the feeling that he is not able to do anything about it. When we do not achieve our dreams, we start feeling disappointed, disempowered and lost. This is where the coach’s role here is to find that strength in that client to move forward.

  • What makes you feel happy when you imagine yourself doing, or becoming?
  • How does it make you feel when you imagine that you can achieve it?
  • What have you tried to achieve? What is holding you?
  • What little step can you start with?

F Feelings Are Our Indicator for Our Physical Emotions. Change the Perceptions That Are Having a Bad Impact on Your Emotions.

As mentioned before, we hold a lot of perceptions/opinions formed through our journey by some circumstances that could be not right and harm our emotions. So here the coach’s role is to help the client with identifying those perceptions and flip them to serve the client in a better way.

  • Where is this feeling coming from?
  • What is real about it?
  • How is it serving you right now?
  • How would your life look like without this perception/thought?
  • What is the opposite perception?
  • How does it feel?

E Exploration Is Life. Explore the Possibilities, Actions, and Feelings.

Learning and exploring are endless. We will keep exploring until we die. New situations, new circumstances, events, places, work, etc.… We will have to keep trying other possibilities and trying new ways of thinking, actions, reframing perspectives. This is simply life.

Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.”— Denis Waitley

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