Dual-Track Approach to Leadership Development


A Coaching Model By Monica Boskovich, Executive Coach, UNITED STATES

Dual-Track Approach or Hybrid Approach to Coaching

Leadership development has long been a part of the corporate landscape. The effectiveness of these programs has been hotly debated. Outcomes of learner retention following learning events are often rated low and observable behavioral change is incremental and hard to measure. My coaching model combines learning and coaching in a way that ensures the integrity of each piece while continually offering opportunities to increase retention, process connections in a deep and meaningful way, build confidence and trust in one’s self and one’s ability. The results of this are a framework that gives participants a chance to experience accomplishment and sustainment with both positive performance outcomes and behavior change.

My coaching model is a dual-track or hybrid approach to coaching. It offers all the benefits of traditional learning and development programs created using adult learning methodology grounded in leadership development competencies and team dynamics. The second layer of development occurs in group coaching sessions that run simultaneously. This method offers a shared group experience while honoring the individualized needs of each person pursuing forward movement.

Dual-Track Approach Monica Boskovich Monica Boskovich

I use the techniques of the international coaching academy which aligns its competencies with those identified and endorsed by the International Coaching Federation. An additional layer was added to this integrating group coaching methodology. My group coaching techniques are built from the work of thought leaders within the industry including Britton, Clutterbuck, Hawkins, and Wageman. This has helped me to create a sustainable, scalable offering for leaders. Coaching is often reserved for high-level staff due to monetary constraints. With this approach, we create more accessibility to coaching and continue to build effectiveness in the realm of adult learning and team dynamics.

Learning Theory and Leadership Dual-Track Approach

My background in learning theory and leadership models, organizational development practices, and coaching methodology have given me the knowledge and ability to effectively implement a dual-track approach while keeping the structural foundations needed to ensure the integrity of the methods being implemented. My model can be used effectively both as an internal stakeholder and an external consultant. It is highly flexible and is ever-evolving as learning about group coaching and adult learning continue to be researched and measured.

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