VOYAGE – Journeys to Get To Where I Want to Be


A Coaching Model By Bettina Salzmann, Life Coach, FRANCE

Voyage Coaching Model Bettina Salzmann

VOYAGE – a journey to get from one place to another. For me, this is how I see myself since I was born, a lot of different journeys making up what I’m today and where I want to be tomorrow. That’s how I see life, plenty of exciting – sometimes difficult – short or long-term journeys to get to where I want to be.

Regarding my coaching model it means:

  • “It’s you who defines where to go and what to achieve”-this can be short or long-term goals and they can change and be redefined over time
  • ”And it is you who designs the path to follow“ – A Voyage is not only a direct way from a to b… often it is broken down into manageable steps, requiring adaptation to new circumstances, handling of challenges, being committed
  • It’s about being aware of what you achieved, embracing it and keeping it, and enabling yourself to appreciate the path to it.
  • Voyage reflects for me as well “adventures”, “excitement”, “discovery”, “unknown”, “taking risks”, “action”, “commitment” … – depending on our character (nature), we may feel comfortable with some of those and scared about others…, which is very normal as we are made of our values and beliefs, our strength and weaknesses, grown up in specific cultures, families, systems – all impacting our view of things.

Coaching is not about teaching you what you should be or what you should do. It’s not about consulting you, but it’s to be used as a sparring partner, helping you to identify what you wish for yourself, what your values are, what is standing in your way, and to remove or change limiting beliefs – allowing you to move forward – allowing you to align your values with your goals and actions. It’s about the Who.

Coaching Is Definitely About “Moving Forward”

It is “YOU” who is deciding about your life. Coaching is based on the concept, that you know best what is good for you.

A coach will not provide you with answers, a coach will instead ask you questions …

In addition, it provides a safe space, based on trust, it’s confidential and it provides you, as a coachee the possibility to speak out loud your thoughts, fears, wishes without being judged, without being forced into one or the other direction…  This is a very important aspect of coaching.

I recognized how many people don’t know about coaching and the positive effect it has. How many people are lost in the younger years to understand what they want… or in older years believe that it’s too late to change or are scared about retirement? How many people are stuck in their work choice? How many people today live in other countries dealing with being a foreigner.

And this is exactly the base of my coaching model “Voyage” using my international experience, my love to travel, my love of other cultures, my love of creating art, my belief in visualization, and my business experience as a project manager – and my wish to support other people to find their way to make the next move … to open up for new possibilities you have not yet discovered – to help you to empower yourself.

My Personal Beliefs:

  • Life is a journey
  • Nothing is perfect on day 1
  • It’s never too late
  • Empower yourself

The following phrase hit me hard when I read it the first time…

If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life. Abraham Maslow

Today, I see it in a way, either you take your chance from day 1 to live a life you wish… or if this was not possible, you are always able to change and enjoy the rest of your life ..… The move can happen anytime – and at any speed… it is in your hands.

This does not mean that we are or need all to be: heroes, superstars, inventors, visionaries,…

For me, it means, that you live as much as possible a life aligned with your values, that your beliefs are supporting and not inhibiting you…

How “Voyage” Works?

It is based on 2 principles:

  • You want to move ahead and
  • You know best what is good for you.

It works in an AGILE way and is split into main blocks “VOYAGE” and related questions.

Voyage Coaching Model Bettina Salzmann

V – Visionunderstand what you want

  • What do you like to focus on?
  • What is the vision you have about this?

O– Outcome– define the outcome you want to achieve, the meaning it has for you, define how you can measure that you achieved

  • What do you like to get out of this session?
  • What makes this so meaningful for you… now?
  • What difference does it make if you have it?
  • What will show you that you achieved what you wanted?
  • If nothing is in your way, how would it feel?

Y – You – it’s all about YOU – the WHO, your values, your beliefs, your feelings,

  • Where are you standing with this topic right now?
  • What does it mean for you?
  • What feelings are coming up?
  • What is in the way?

A – Awareness – the first step into change, allow yourself to flip perspectives

  • What comes up for you saying this?
  • What means xxxx for you?
  • What does it mean in a broader sense or your life?

G – Growth – learn, define actions, commit, acknowledge your progress, and grow

  • What do you learn out of this now, for your life?
  • What are the next steps to make this happen? What first? What else?
  • When do you start?
  • What could get into your way?
  • What supporting structure will you put in place?
  • How committed are you?

E – Environment – safe, trustful, non-judgment between you and the coach

Please Be Invited to a Wonderful “Voyage”!

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