Fundraising Event To Save Amazon Rain Forests and It’s Indigenous People “Love Amazon: Malibu Style” with Featured Designer Sue Wong and Artist Chaz Guest Is A Smash Hit

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“Love Amazon: Malibu Style” that took place last weekend at Tracy Park Gallery in Malibu was an incredible event to raise money and awareness of the decimation and the deforestation that is unfolding in the Amazon, and the negative impact this is having on the ecosystem and the natural balance of the planet.

The event included the display of several art pieces donated by artist Chaz Guest and a Fashion/Art Installation by world-renowned Iconic fashion designer Sue Wong.

The Amazon Prophecy Project is being led by the Rev. Patrick McCollum, who is a life-long peace activist specializing in conflict resolution by elevating marginalized and indigenous voices. He is an interfaith chaplain, spiritual mentor, author, and peace counselor. He built The Peace Violin himself using elements from various wars, the ashes of the Holocaust victims, bits of dust from the brick that Buddha stood on, incorporating so many elements which represent both the good and the horror of humanity. He now plays The Peace Violin all over the world and at historic events.

The Amazon Prophecy project is raising awareness of the powerful Indigenous prophecy coming to fruition about The Great Unification that will end the desecration of the Amazon, the Heart and Lungs of our Mother Earth, and of the Indigenous People who call it home.

Attendees included the Reverend Patrick McCollum,  Elyahou Bibalobos, Scarlet Rivera, Kandy Maku (Guardian of the elders of the Kogi tribe),  Abbot Yeanfan (The Abbot of the Shaolin Temple), Doug DeLuca,  Gary Miller, Walter Martinez Marconi, Patrick Che, Larry Namer, Richie Rich, Mister D, Ron Russell, Sofia Milos, Steve Radenbaugh, Dustin Quick, Medi EM, Nigel Daly, Maryam Morrison, Adrian Dev, Laurene Landon, Louise Salter, Emma and Joseph Nittolo, Christine Devine, Larry Dunn, Luisa Dunn, Shannan Rene Parks, Jazzika Kile, Anna Gupta, Larry Kasanoff, Sandra and Steve Cooke, Ming Ballard, Zac Jaydon, YNG Zuck, Eugenia Kuzmina, Ray Michaels and hundreds more….

The Afterparty at Sue Wong’s Malibu ARTHAUS was amazing with performances by Scarlet Rivera who played the Peace Violin, and an incredible performance by rock legend Steve Cooke.

For all charitable donations to help the plight of the AMAZON rainforests and its endangered indigenous people, please make a contribution—no matter how large or small—all will be appreciated.

Photo Credits: Sheri Determan and Courtney Gail


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