LIGHT – Journey Towards Inner Power & Truth


A Coaching Model By Tatiana Mitroi, Personal Coach, SWITZERLAND

LIGHT Tatiana Mitroi Coaching Model
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Light: A Coaching Journey Towards Inner Power & Truth. To Enable You to Bloom & Glow!

My purpose as a coach is to shine a LIGHT on my clients so that they start to feel seen, heard, and valued for who they truly are and to bring deep, powerful transformation in their life.

To enable powerful coaching to take place, 3 things that are essential for a coaching/client relationship, in my view, are the following:

  • Trust & safety
  • Inner motivation & commitment toward a common goal
  • Availability & presence. The coach needs to be present & available for the coaching session and the client. The client needs to be present & available for the coaching session & the coaching process

As per my coaching philosophy and experience, it is key to see, hear and value my clients for whom they truly are and to facilitate the coaching process in a way that enables them to re-activate their inner power, to re-connect with their truth, and to bloom & glow.

My coaching model seeks to enable my clients to:

  • Say and feel what they didn’t dare or didn’t allow themselves to say and feel: their distress & discontent but their peace & contentment as well
  • See what they didn’t dare to see: their shadows, their patterns, what is limiting them but their radiance, their power, and their bright side as well
  • Connect the dots in a way that enables them to make sense of what they experience, of the situation they are dealing with and of the next steps, the way forward
  • Melt and let go of what needs to be released
  • Cultivate and grow what needs to emerge and arise

In short, it’s about enabling my clients to:

  • Connect with their inner power & their inner truth
  • Bloom & glow

My Coaching Model LIGHT

L = Let it out
I = Intention
G = Grow
H = Honor
T = Thanks

My coaching model “LIGHT” is a process that involves 5 key elements aimed to support the clients to move forward, from where they currently are to where they want to be.

L Let it out

Let it out is about creating a safe space for the clients and actively listening to them, to learn more about them, their concerns, and their needs. It is about allowing the clients to express their thoughts and feelings, to open up the space for them to explore, reflect, and make sense of their inner world. It is about enabling the clients to put on the table the different pieces of the puzzle, related to themselves/the situation/topic they want to address, and where they want to be. I will offer this space where clients can safely share more about their inner world (thoughts, emotions, images, sensations, etc.) so that they can start to clear the fog and make room for further awareness about what’s going on. Through this, the clients will feel seen, heard, and valued for whom they truly are. It is a space for the clients to say and feel what they didn’t dare to say and feel: their distress & discontent but also their peace & contentment (when that is enabled). This step is part of the coaching agreement, along with step number 2 (Intention) but can occur also during the other steps of the coaching process.

I – Intention

I will guide the clients to clarify their real intention for the session. It is about enabling them to understand what they want to have/ achieve at the end of the coaching session(s) that would make a difference for them. At this stage, the clients will start to connect the dots, based on the previous exploration (step 1), and clarify their real needs, and what they truly want. We will also explore the success measures. This step will allow us to have a solid coaching agreement.

G – Grow

During this stage, the clients are enabled to connect the dots and make sense of what they experience, have a new awareness, shift perspectives, and to enable them to pivot towards actions that support their desired changes/ improvements/ outcomes.

This step is the bridge between what the client truly wants to have at the end of the coaching session(s) and the actions that can support them to get there. In this step, the clients’ shadows and radiance are explored. Patterns are identified and the clients’ will understand how these influence their life. It is also the step where the clients will be supported to melt and let go of what needs to be released, provided they are ready and willing to do so. Once this is done, the clients will start to cultivate and grow what needs to arise. We will explore topics such as:

  • What needs to be looked at/ addressed to realize their intention
  • What is standing in the way (beliefs, emotions, perceptions/ perspectives, expectations, patterns, etc.)
  • What needs to die/let go/accept
  • What needs to be cultivated, nourished, planted
  • What resources & powers the client has

H – Honor

This step is about the actions and the structures that can support the clients to fulfill their intention. It is about what the clients need to do, what needs to happen, to cultivate, and nourish to honor their intention and their needs. We will explore what they can do and what support structures they need to show respect, trust, and care towards themselves and their intention. In short, in this phase, we will identify realistic actions, commitments, and structures that clients need to put in place to achieve what they want.

T – Thanks

This is about acknowledgment, learning, and insights the clients have, reflection on the progress, on the client’s strengths, resources, and powers. This can happen throughout the entire coaching process, whenever a relevant opportunity arises. This step is very important because it will allow the clients to re-connect with their inner power and with their inner truth, which altogether will support the clients to bloom and glow.

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