CARD: From Concept to Reality via Action and Documentation


A Coaching Model By Margaux Cunin, Business Coach, GERMANY

Experimenting with the CARD Coaching Model

CARD Business Coaching Model Margaux CuninMy Coaching Identity

I believe that thoughts come and go and only writing down helps the mind to move forward in the reflections. I would like to partner with my clients to create the ideal person they aim to be and support them in experimenting and reflecting to move toward their better selves. 

My Clients

My clients are female managers that are feeling insecure, and uncertain about their professional future and would like to act in this uncomfortable situation. They could be at different stages of their career and this discomfort could have been here for a few days or several months. But mainly they are ready to take time to reflect and experiment to change this status quo to something that suits them better. 

They are usually asking themselves: 

  • How can I change my current situation? 
  • What could be a better future for me? 
  • Is this right for me? Am I aligned with my goals and my actions?

My Coaching Model CARD

is a four-step model designed to visualize the ideal person and support to become a reality for the client. By sequentially defining actions, experimenting, and documenting his learnings, the client will increase his awareness and shape the next actions he will need to take to improve himself and get closer to the ideal person. 


The initial sessions will focus on setting/determining the intention, the purpose, and visualizing the goal, the steps, and all elements the person is already aware of (feelings, guts, the vision of the current situation, of the ideal person, the relationships, beliefs, obstacles, etc.). The client will document these via schema, pictures, or/and keywords. The format of the documentation must resonate with the client, ensuring personal buy-in as it will be strong support during the client’s reflections and drive the coaching relationship. 

During these sessions, we may use different tools, starting with the wheel of life, writing your manifesto, writing a letter to your future self, etc.…


Once the client can visualize the future self, we define an area that would be promising to start with. We will focus on the points that need to be addressed to move forward. The client will identify and narrow where some challenges are occurring and explore the possible solutions. The client might take courage to define an action plan to behave like the ideal person one describes. It might start with one small step in the right direction. Together, we will also define support and accountability methods so that the experimentation runs smoothly. 


In between the sessions, the client follows the action plan defined during the coaching session. The client will experiment with small and big steps, depending on the level of energy, motivation, and opportunities. This will fuel reflection but also open the possibilities and help with the journey toward the target one has set for oneself.  


Throughout these steps, the client will document: The client will in advance complete a reflection sheet to identify direction and needs for the following session. 

I will present one exercise based on these inputs and bring it to the session.

The session will be a mix of exercise and reflection while setting objectives for the next following session(s) and documenting some learnings that happened during the coaching session. While I usually take time around the end of a coaching session to ask about the key learnings, a book can support the documentation of these learnings and make the picture clearer for the client. It also empowers the client to see the journey he is on and the progress he is making as well as reminding himself about the learnings to keep in mind along that journey.

CARD Transformation

During this transformation, I will maintain the focus on the goal and while supporting the shaping of a new vision based on the new awareness & reality of the client.

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