Tax Expert Dorothy Lawrence On How Successful Tax Attorneys Can Help Your Business


When it comes to starting a business, everyone with a little bit of money can start a business. Once you complete the legal process of business formation, fulfill all the requirements, get the necessary licenses, and offer legitimate services or products, you can start a business and call yourself a business person. However, when it comes to succeeding in business, not so many people make it. In order to run a successful business, you need to remain flexible, be a good planner, have great organizational and leadership skills, and much more.

Dorothy Lawrence, one of America’s top female lawyers and tax experts, believes that one of the main reasons why people fail to grow their businesses successfully is because they do not seek help from an attorney. Her firm, the Dorothy Butler Law Firm, specializes in business and employment law and helps clients all across the United States not only start but run and maintain successful businesses. Dorothy’s business attorney helps clients decide whether an LLC, a partnership, an S Corp, or a traditional corporation makes the most sense to them. The business attorney then assists with setting up all formation documents. Once the business is up and running, the Dorothy Butler Law Firm then assists clients with their tax preparation needs and offers tax advice whenever needed. Dorothy’s firm can also stay on retainer for businesses that want to have expert assistance on call whenever something comes up – a contract dispute, the need for a new contract, or any general tax advice.

Dorothy believes that running and maintaining a successful business is almost impossible without the help of a team of tax experts. Dorothy and her firm have worked with many musicians in Austin, New York, and many other cities. Dorothy regularly works with many business owners that run IG-verified businesses! She treats all clients the same, regardless of whether their tax filing is a simple return that they just want assistance handling or they run a million-dollar business. Dorothy not only assists her clients but also educates them about the issues they are facing.

Selecting the right attorney for your business, says Dorothy, is not optional. Dorothy believes that you should always have a tax attorney on your side who can communicate properly with you. Most people are unaware of the complications of taxes, which is why she considers it crucial to educate her clients about them. She believes that a good attorney is both an attorney and an educator. To all businesses, Dorothy suggests that they should find an attorney, or perhaps a team, that they can connect with and have a conversation with so that working with them for years to come remains easy.

When it comes to hiring tax attorneys, Dorothy believes businesses should consult them even before their opening. It is very important to set up your business in the right structure, which is impossible without the help of someone who is an expert in business law, employment law, and tax law. It is important to get things right from the beginning. Dorothy recommends that you must hire a tax attorney as soon as you are ready to start setting up your new business so that you can set up your business properly and embark on the path to success from the onset.

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