Aqua Model – Let It Flow, You Will Move Forward


A Coaching Model By Alexandra Jimenez, Career Coach, SWITZERLAND

Aqua Model – The Movement That Has Characterized Humankind

Aqua Aqua Coaching Model Alexandra Jimenez

Aqua represents a coaching model that reflects movement, the movement that has characterized humankind since our very first moment of existence. Moving forward by exploring, discovering, and changing to adapt has been the key to our survival and growth. This model serves individuals wanting to transition into a new career or out of their career and remain professionally active.

The metaphor with Aqua is a metaphor for a forceful energy flow that allows life to continue. Like water, our lives search for a path to move and flow with energy.

As a professional transition coach, I have observed and experienced moments of confusion or times where we feel professionally stuck. It feels like something is holding us back from flowing or flourishing in all our full capacity.

It is sometimes the easiest option to stay still, like a calm pond of water. Other times you know that eventually, you need to move and let the energy within your flow, turning into a powerful waterfall that splashes, nurturing what it touches as it passes through.

The flow in our lives is not always easy, smooth, or short, there is not always enough energy and even sometimes the flow crashes into the rocks and other obstacles.

As far as you are open to continuing flowing, crashing into a rock or an obstacle will not stop you.  The energy flow will take you around the obstacle. If you are open to taking the time to reflect and observe, you may discover a simple, more direct path to your purpose.  By allowing and following the natural flow you likely will come to new understandings.  And, just as the river follows along the path of least resistance you may see solutions and opportunities that you did not see before; suddenly a way around the rocks appears. What started out as a stream could end up as a mighty waterfall.

Aqua Model

Aqua uses techniques and tools from a variety of frameworks such as positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, neuroplasticity, and adult learning,

This model invites you to reflect on a 4-step journey to keep moving and find the next professional or personal challenge:

  1. Acknowledge the life situation and recognize that it is not about your life itself
  2. Quantify your value and your power
  3. Understand your own voice
  4. Act upon it, to keep flowing and moving


Acknowledge your life situation and accept that it is what it is. Appreciating and accepting what and where you are makes you conscious of your needs and resources. It is the first step to exploring a new perspective. Life offers situations in which change and movement in our professional and personal life are the next steps. Being present in the moment and acknowledging what is in the present moment, provides the freedom to choose where to move next.

Acknowledging your challenge in full presence, allows you to identify the need for change or a new perspective, and opens your mind to new options. Acknowledging the “now” provides clarity that there is something else and different moving forward.


Remembering and identifying your own value activates the energy within you. We all have a value beyond our immediate understanding. We all can look inside and recalibrate what we have to offer, what we want and need to learn and grow.

Regardless of the past events, which cannot be undone or changed, the present offers an opportunity to refresh your current waters, being conscious of your values, strengths, and interest at this moment in time


One of the meanings of understanding is: “to grasp the significance, implications or importance of…[1]” Through reflection and exploration, you understand your own voice in the present moment and decide how you want and need to move forward.

Exploring your personal values and establishing a clearer link with the possible choices, will help you shine and express a fulfilling life. Coaching will offer you a clearer vision of where you are now, and where you want to go next to be a better version of yourself. You will be able to decide if you need a new strategy or a new perspective.


After discovering and exploring your options and choices, taking action is a key step. As Aldous Huxley said, “Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you.”  This means the final step in the process is taking your understanding of your situation and identifying the steps needed to activate the change you want. Action provides the movement that you desired and brings you to the next stage of life whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end of your professional life.

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