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A Coaching Model By Eitan Israelski, Wellness Coach, ISRAEL

WINNER Coaching Model Eitan IsraelskiWINNER – Born to Win: Mental Toughness Coaching

I coach professional athletes to become more resilient to optimise their performance.

If things do not go as planned or go wrong…

Do you feel frustrated?

  • How do you deal with your own doubts?
  • Do you feel that you are sabotaging yourself?
  • Can you address your high expectations or deal with minor errors and stay composed under pressure?

Let’s focus on the mental skills needed to be successful in your game or competition.

  • Grow your self-confidence and develop coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors.
  • Identify your level of mental activation to perform your best, getting excited and positively charged but not getting overexcited.
  • Identify irrational thoughts or negative self-labels and replace them with a new way of thinking, a healthy belief system.
  • Develop confidence post-injury, feel mentally healed from injury, and deal with the fear of re-injury.

Mental Toughness Coaching – Push Past Failures and Remain Positive

Having the right attributes, combined in the right plan, and delivered with the correct execution. Each of these is shaped by the unique physical, technical, and mental attribute of each athlete as well as their competitive level and goals.

While identifying peak performance components is essential, athlete success largely depends on mental skills.

Excellence mostly comes from goal setting, planning, commitment, focus and distraction control, imagery, coping with pressure, quality practice, self-awareness, self-regulation, resilience, and accurate performance reviews.

Athlete performance based on a cycle of ‘target-plan-do-review’ with goal setting is essential for creating, focusing, and sustaining motivation.

Mental skills need to be thought through guide to help athletes to develop and optimize performance and give athletes a mental advantage over the competition and maximize the athlete’s potential.

WINNER Coaching Model Eitan Israelski

The WINNER Model

Become the best version of yourself!

Wish for and prepare for change

Inspire your imagination

Notice what you can practice

Navigate your passion to action

Empower newness for greatness

Reconnect body & mind, here and now!

The WINNER Model

Become the best version of yourself!

Wish for and Prepare for Change

This is the first contact between the client and the coach. It’s a call for a change, a recognition of a strong will, a message from your mind to get new learnings about yourself, to start your own inner research, the most valuable one. Change is often considered an enormous shift from one side to the other side.

In reality, to be able to reflect on a thought, and feel it in your body, this experience requires some time and some understanding, and already a move forward is sometimes the change you’ve been looking for and the one you can process in a specific moment. Adaptation, what we call training your brain can come efficiently in small steps. A small step is a big win!

Wish and prepare is to open your mind and get ready for new learnings in your life!

Inspire Your Imagination

This is probably the fun part, the part that you allow yourself to brainstorm, to imagine how it will look like, how it will feel like, to get your mind pictures, unlimited space of your own place, your safe place, and it’s a safe place of endless opportunities to get inspired with.

The coach will respectfully ask questions to trigger this curiosity and the knowledge that will come in. It’s up to you to make the pace, the intensity, the volume, and the timing. It’s completely your own journey, your own discovery so no judgment. The power is in your hand and in your mind!

Notice what you can practice: This is the part where you go deeper into a discovery. New insights are filling the gap that you like to explore. Awareness can evoke and the observation is to pay attention and make notes, sharing your emotions, your feelings, and your senses.

The more you notice, the more you can practice. Practicing is not forcing yourself to do something or to do excessive or obsessive repetitive action, it’s to simply let go and see what happens at this moment by creating space to explore more.

The coach will come along in your discovery with your permission and together find the balance that you can practice what you noticed.

Navigate Your Passion to Action

This is the part of your realization that turn into action. You create a new order, something realistic that you can follow carefully and without pressure or necessity this state of mind is your new and fresh routine for as long as it serves you. Enthusiasm and motivation are the first steps of a discipline which is a key factors to moving forward, creating action, and building trust and belief in this movement and in yourself. There is no right or wrong, no should or could, just appreciation and acknowledgment for the work you put in, the space that you opened inside out, or vice versa. The coach will allow the space that you created to be fruitful and meaningful with your own support system.

Empower Newness for Greatness

This is a very powerful part of your progress. Here you are making visible and intentional progress not only mentally but also physically. In this part, you feel focused and determined and daily activities become more efficient and clearer. Mental toughness and satisfaction are making their way to your system, lightness is all around. Self-compassion and self-love are a power tool to remind you who you are, and how strong and powerful your mindset is. The coach will continuously project this mental rehearsal to keep this ability alive and functioning. Greatness is when you feel whole and complete, ready for any challenge to come.

Reconnect Body & Mind, Here and Now!

This part is when all come together, like in harmony. The connections between the body and mind, the notion align with the motion. Self-care leads to gratitude and intent, being authentic, and being truly respectful of the new knowledge of the new version of yours. The time is now, the achievement is real, but being humble will make you the real winner because you remember the way, the process, and the example you serve to others.

Connection to yourself is probably what it takes to reach the top. The coach will guide you to reconnect with your own unique and individual way. You are the WINNER!

How Do I Coach You?

First, we have a discovery call to see how I can help you and meet your expectations. We meet via zoom/ video call for about 30 minutes.

Next, you will start with your favorite package deal 1 on 1 coaching sessions for about 60 minutes.

My coaching involves dialogue and using tools or techniques such as powerful questioning, metaphor, or analogy to explore beyond current thinking and evoke your awareness, and facilitate your growth. Supporting you with new insights and identifying current and future patterns of behavior, thinking, or emotion in order to move forward and transform learnings or insights into a plan of action and being accountable.

Eitan Israelski – Mental Toughness Coach

My name is Eitan Israelski, Mental toughness coach and personal trainer with 16 years of experience in fitness and wellness. Founder and owner of Born to Win and Eitanfit, Smart Personal Training. I coach professional athletes to become more resilient to optimize their performance.

I am a certified Mental coaching professional and Smart Personal Trainer with years of experience

working with diverse clients to achieve their specific goals, from athletes to regular fitness clients,

kids to adults with different backgrounds, experiences, levels, conditions, and physical limitations.

My Story

Looking back at my father playing at the local chess club made me very curious as a teenager about the game. I remember that my father used to take me to watch his matches once a week. I lost every match I tried to play with my father. Once, secretly I took his monthly chess journals and started to play them on the chess board. Then I got as a present a chess openings book by Gary Kasparov. I started to teach myself all the openings and joined my father in the local club, of course, I was just lost in the beginning and saw the other kids and teenagers laughing at me at how quick they beat me, but this just made me more determined to know more, to learn more, and to be the one who wins next.

After a couple of months and lots of games, I started competing and was invited to be in the local team league. Winning third and second places in competitions got me closer to my final, winning a competition, beating on the way guys who made fun of me just maybe a year ago, suddenly, I felt so proud of myself for my special way and my father was proud too, not to mention he stopped playing against me, maybe just in time for him…

when you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it’s bottomless, that it doesn’t have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space.PEMA CHÖDRÖN, Start Where You Are

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