Temet Nosce (latin) – Know Thyself


A Coaching Model By Douglas Cryns, Confidence Coach, GERMANY

Know Thyself

Do thine own work, and know thyself – Plato

In my coaching, trust and safety take precedence and are the two most important pillars of our work together. I create a safe space to share, to work, and to achieve your goals by helping you discover your natural ability to find solutions and by aiding you to “Know thyself”. With trust and safety, the next two pillars can emerge – truth and action.

We all have plans, goals, and dreams that we strive to accomplish, and as humans, we face obstacles and challenges along the way. Often, the first step involves sorting through all the noise to get to the core of what we truly want and what we need to succeed.

My promise is if you bring the will to take action, I will work with you to help you design the path and match your natural talent to walk it with clear, measurable goals.

That’s the process I accompany my clients on, and during our coaching sessions you can expect the following:

Build Trust

With the first step of looking for help, you’ve already taken the most important step in your journey – you’ve committed to making a change and you have allowed me to accompany you in getting there. In our first session, we’ll get to know each other, take the time to discuss your goals, and let you get a feel for if we are a good fit for coaching.

Identify Truth

You come to me with a goal – and each session will work towards that – be it a challenge, a problem, or a dream. Every journey is an exploration – and part of that is understanding the WHY behind the WHAT that you have brought to our sessions. Simon Sinek famously started the “Start with WHY” movement – it’s a powerful method to understand your goals and often they change as we work and understand the motivation behind them.

Know Thyself

You already have all the tools you need to succeed – and this part is designed to unveil the talents you have that will serve you in achieving your goals. Often it’s a case of matching the talents to the challenges you see – and opening the door to seeing solutions and actionable steps to getting where you want to go.

Take Action

I chose the quote from Plato to guide my work with intent – “Do thine own work, and know thyself” – it’s the cornerstone to your success. The last step of the process is taking those solutions and actions and putting them into place, setting measurable goals, and tracking the progress to let you be true to yourself. With my support, you create accountability and build a framework for measuring achievement.

It’s my passion to apply the above with one mission – helping my clients know themselves, encourage growth, strength, and resilience, and find their own solutions to the challenges that we encounter in our professional and personal lives.

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