JOY – Journey to Happiness


A Coaching Model By Uljana Kalinova, Life Coach, Career Coach, LATVIA

Finding JOY Right From the Beginning of the Journey

From my coaching practice, I see that whatever topic is chosen by the client the higher purpose of it is making a change that would open new possibilities and improve quality of life. In other words, in one way or another we are seeking for becoming happier. Although many find happiness as hard to define. So to reflect the essence of the higher purpose of seeking happiness while using easier-to-define and more tangible words, this coaching model is called JOY. We can feel joy in so many different situations: it can be some bigger event or small thing that happened or that we noticed in a moment. This feeling can be peaceful and calming, or exciting and energizing. We can feel it on the way to our goal and when we reach it. It is an emotion that we easily recognize. And this is how we know that something happy is happening within or around us. Word joy resonates with how to word journey sounds. Try to say it out loud. This coaching model invites you to go on the journey for joy. It is the essence and main philosophy of this coaching model to support you in finding joy right from the beginning of the journey, not set it as an end goal. We will be doing it in 3 clear steps where: J (step 1) is an anchor, O (step 2) is a wind rose, and Y (step 3) is a sail – the supporting elements we need to be successful in our journey for joy. 

Our Journey for JOY

JOY Coaching Model Uljana Kalinova

Step 1 J – Checking the Anchor

This step invites you to start the journey by pausing to get back to the present moment. We don’t need to rush into movement. When we pause and stay still, we are present and can calmly reflect and clarify for ourselves: what it is that you truly want or need to achieve; what is your current foundation, your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, values, meanings, and perspectives; what is the best first step to do to get to the desired goal with as much joy as possible on the way. In this step, we will anchor both where we are now and where we want to be, and we will put both points on the map. We will see more clearly the path between these points. By clarifying our anchors and the first step of the path we will be able to find joy in clarity, connection with our goal, confidence, energy, and excitement about the journey ahead.  

JOY Coaching Model Uljana Kalinova

Step 2 O – Exploration of the Wind Rose

When we clarified our anchors and the first step of the path, we can start the exploration of our direction. As a journey is never something fully predictable and known, we will be constantly exploring the wind rose, looking for the best direction. A wind rose serves as a metaphor for our internal world as we are getting to where we want to be from the inside out. In this step, we challenge our limiting beliefs or perceptions which can stand in our way, and shift them with ideas that can serve us better. To enable learning and shift perspectives we will cooperate with the guarding angel that shows up as honest with us. JOY Coaching Model Uljana Kalinova In this step, we also broaden our view and explore what else is possible. And we learn to be the best supporters for ourselves by being kind to ourselves, acknowledging ourselves, and focusing on our strengths, by releasing self-judgment, comparison, and fears. This step requires us to step from our comfort zone which is linked with uncertainty. Therefore, being in this step sometimes might seem like going in circles. But is it? It is we who define what progress means for us. Each step is an important step forward. Being in one place and then finding new awareness or perspective brings you to a different place even though it might look like nothing has changed around you (yet). So in fact we are going in a spiral. (Did you notice that visually this perspective also has much in common with the letter O?) Stepping out from our usual perspectives or ways of being is what makes this step at once challenging, impactful, and beautiful. The exploration and progress we make in this step most likely will be the part you will remember the most from the journey. We remember the adventure, the moments when we stepped into the unknown and eventually got to the beautiful place, in other words, we remember moments of our personal growth and transformation. All the dots get connected to one path. The most beautiful thing in this step is that this adventure will be unique to you. In this step, we find joy in courage, self-discovery and self-love, new awareness and ideas, creativity, and growth.

JOY Coaching Model Uljana KalinovaStep 3 Y – Opening the Sails

With the resources, we get from both previous steps nothing can stop us to lift the anchor, trusting the wind rose, opening the sails, and committing to action. With a commitment to action, we make it possible that all that we discovered brings us desired changes. We start implementing and seeing them in practice. Of all three, this step is the one being most about the movement and where our progress becomes most visible and tangible (the inner transformation finds reflection in outside results). This is the step when we get to enjoy the ride seeing how all the hard work we did before pays off and opens for us beautiful views on the way. At any moment when we want or need it, we can pause using our anchor (where I am and where I want to be) and explore our wind rose (what else is possible, what serves me best right now, what support I need).  In this step, we find joy in action, achievements, and celebration of the journey – the journey that you created yourself and that forever will remain part of your unique story.

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