A Coaching Model By Kalliopi Koufopoulou, Life coach, UNITED KINGDOM

What is KARMA?

Cambridge dictionary (in the Buddhist and Hindu religions) the force produced by a person’s actions in one life that influences what happens to them in future lives

The KARMA Model

I am delighted to present you my “newborn” coaching model inspired by the word KARMA. Most of us believe that KARMA means destiny and it’s something that we cannot influence or change. The truth is that KARMA means Action!! I know that many of you will be surprised but that’s the truth!

Although it depends on religion, karma in general indicates the cycle of cause and effect — each action we take will affect us at some time in the future. This rule also applies to our thoughts and words, and the actions other people take under our own instructions.

My coaching model KARMA aims to support you to find your own way of taking specific actions in order to IDENTIFY your own goals, PRIORITIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE them, but also DEFINE the next steps to follow in order to achieve them, and finally find the way to IMPLEMENT the specific steps.

Finally, model KARMA will support you to change your mindset, when you aim to achieve your future goals and create your own way for your own KARMA! Now, you will know!!!

5-Step Journey With KARMA Model

  1. Identify the areas of your life you wish to set up

Identification of the areas of your life to improve is the first step in order to be able to start your coaching journey. Questions like, why am I here with my coach, what I wish to achieve, and what is the reason I am so confused or stuck, could be answered on that specific step.

  1. Prioritize the areas you wish to set up your goals

Prioritization is a crucial step in order to have the best results in the end. You know already the area you wish to work with, but you don’t know where to start. This step will help you to find the answer to this question. Assessments like Wheel of life could be used in order to support you on this.

  1. Acknowledge where you are, regarding the areas you wish to improve going forward

Acknowledge is also important in order to realize where you are and what you have achieved so far, but also in order to define your next steps.

  1. Define your next steps and the timeline you will follow in order to achieve your goals.

In that stage, you have done already a great job but now you need to start acting! Creating your plan and setting up your timeline to achieve it, will be one of the most important steps. Be prepared!

  1. Implement carefully those steps and check your progress as an ongoing process.

You are almost ready to go!!  You have already set up your plans and your timelines. What s next?  Go and create your own KARMA!!

Learn How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

Your Coaching Model reflects your values,
philosophies, and beliefs and must communicate who you will coach
and the problems you will solve.
Read more about creating your coaching model

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