4 Reasons Why You Should Work For Certain Hours


Achieving more than what you expected in the first place is a blessing. However, while working hard is the key to success and quick promotion, some people tend to overdo it. Achieving better results from time to time is positive, but doing this daily will not prove beneficial in the long run. If you believe your potential is higher, you can readjust your goals and possibly ask for a raise in case you are an employee. In any case, knowing what you can do and being consistent with your targets is important. Today, we will turn our attention to the reasons why we should not mess up our schedule and why this is important.

  1. We become lazy the next day
    The number one reason why working more than we are expected can prove to be a silly idea is that we become too confident about our skills and stamina. The fact that we finished a task that was supposed to be accomplished the next day will make us put a lot of credit on ourselves and affect our performance the next day. The next day you may feel you have done everything you were supposed to, and it is time to take a small break. This way, even though you will have managed crucial results quickly, you will find yourself less productive in the following days. The fairy tale of the rabbit and the turtle is a perfect example. The rabbit became overconfident and decided to rest while the game was not over. In a few words, do not consider work as speed racing but as a marathon where endurance plays an important role.
  2. Others expect more
    The next reason related to the workplace is that you may mislead your colleagues and partners. Every person has their own style in which they prefer to work and live generally. Some of us are more stable, while others tend to have explosions of activity followed by periods of slowness. This is completely ok as long as people around you can understand that you are not expected to overperform forever. If you belong to the second group of people, it is better to put deadlines that last for a longer period of time. This way, you will decide when you will be more productive and when you will use some time to rest. Meanwhile, supervisors cannot write down your progress and reach false conclusions. At the end of the month, you can deliver what you are supposed to without confusing people about what they should be expecting from you.
  3. We leave other things behind
    In addition, we should not underestimate our abilities and capacities. Younger people especially become very ambitious about what they will have to contribute to a company or a team. In the meanwhile, they neglect vital aspects of their lives that are also useful. The presence of a balanced social life and loving relationship is important too. Having some free time to communicate our troubles, dreams, and visions will also improve our performance in the working environment in the future.
    Last but not least, let us not forget that health can be affected by long hours of work too. In other words, the day has only 24 hours, and we have to use them wisely if we want to live a happy life. The imbalance among the sectors in which we focus our attention is the source of most physical problems or any difficulties we may face regarding our health.
  4. We confuse the team
    The last thing that may be negatively affected is the performance of the team. This is usually linked to the superior members of a team. It is not rare that people in higher positions may attempt to do the tasks that those under them should complete. People will do that because they believe they will finish the task sooner and finally save time. However, they tend to spoil some team members and do not allow them to grow professionally.

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