Keyword/Keyworld Coaching




1.     Name?

Giovanna Golia

2.     What are your passions?

I am passionate about seeking and building connections

3.     What is your essence energy?

Harmonious challenge: an oxymoron that highlights how keen I am to get myself out there with gentleness and sensitiveness

4.     What are your core values?

Transparency, Respect, Authenticity, Energy, Trust

5.     What is your past?

HR Consultant, Mum, and Founder of a web company for mums

6.     What is your present?

HR Consultant, Mum, and Coach

7.     What is your future?

HR Consultant, Mum, Coach and Enterpreuner

8.     What type of coach do you wish to be?

Authentic, aware, and inclusive

9.     What is coaching for you?

Coaching for me is a process that facilitates and enhances our inner dialogue, enabling everyone to harmoniously find their own path towards their own growth with no blame nor self-forgiveness.

10.  What is your coaching philosophy?

Keyword/Keyworld coaching: keywords to unlock the world

11.  What is behind the model?

Key: coaching is a key that allows you to open, close, and discover. Like a key, it also opens our minds, helps us to let go of what is painful or unnecessary, and explore with curiosity.

Word: Words can transfer emotions and symbolize both concepts and beliefs. Coaching encourages us to find the right nuances for every word, which allows us to bring out our inner feelings.

World: everyone has and lives in different worlds: the inner world and the outer world; the world made of thoughts, actions, and emotions; the present world and the future ones. Coaching allows us to outline and give shape to any world we wish to build and to live according to what we want and need.

12.  What is inside the model?

Knowledge: deep self-knowledge and self-awareness

Exploration: researching our own resources and energies

Yarn: finding the thread that helps make connections

Wonder: welcoming creativity and any possible transformation

Openness: allowing to perceive new perspectives

Richness: discovering richness and self-fulfillment

Lightness: learning how to use lightness and irony

Develop: achieving growth, enhancement, and development of the individual

13.  What is your target?

  • I pursue connections, harmony, and conciliation. I aim to inspire people who:
  • wish to be comfortable in the discomfort
  • desire to find a balance between the present and future
  • believe in lightness as a great resource to become self-centered and to recharge the batteries
  • use kindness and gratitude toward themselves and others

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