A New Genre of Music has sprung this spring and we can all thanks DJ and music influencer BNYCE. Deeply Rooted is a mix of African and house mix. African Music the musical sounds and practices of all indigenous peoples of Africa which incorporates the blend of the old with the new and was inspired from his culture and heritage. House music is the oldest genre within electronic dance music and still one of its main pillars today. It is a direct descendant from disco music.

DJ Bnyce, a musician born in Stamford, Connecticut, who has been playing music since he was a child. Both of his parents and grandparents were musicians, so it’s no surprise that DJ Bnyce started playing the drums in church at just six years old. Since then, he has continued to learn new instruments and different types of music.

When asked about his artist name, DJ Bnyce explained that he got it from an old clothing line he could never properly pronounce, “ENYCE.” He always pronounced it “E-NICE,” and when he was a kid, DJ Bnyce was his gamer tag.

DJ Bnyce composes all of his own music and also co-writes many of the vocals he works with. He draws inspiration from his grandmother and his parents and loves how music brings people together and creates different emotions.

If he could collaborate with anyone in the industry, DJ Bnyce would choose Dr. Dre and DJ Khaled as they are the best producers of his lifetime, and he loves their style of making music.

Aspiring artists should never give up, according to DJ Bnyce. He advises them always to keep going and focus on the love of music and sharing their story with the world.

DJ Bnyce recently released a single called “Deeply Rooted,” which is his take on Afro House music mixed with his personal style. He wanted to show people his roots and how afrocentric music influenced many genres of music and culture in today’s world. The song features DJ Bnyce and some amazing African vocals he found.

When asked about his new single, DJ Bnyce said that a friend of his told him to come up with something “different but hard” that represents him and his culture. “Deeply Rooted” was created, and DJ Bnyce hopes to start DJing at festivals with his own singles.

The song was produced, written, and recorded by DJ Bnyce himself in his room. He plans to release remixes of the song in the near future.

DJ Bnyce hopes that “Deeply Rooted” will show the world who he is as an artist and that he has what it takes to make it on his own. He also plans to release another single called “36 Dragons” in a few weeks.

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