The JOURNEY Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Andreea Nedelcu, Life Coach, SPAIN


Life is a JOURNEY and if you fall in love with the JOURNEY, you will be in love forever – Peter Hagerty


I am in love with Travelling and Coaching and would love for my Coaching model to depict and deeply express this blended philosophy, where one’s journey through life is like a Journey on a Map. A continuous one, from one destination to another, never linear, never complete, but a very inspirational and fulfilling one, where you stay connected to your values, dreams, and personal exploration & growth.

I’ve always asked myself about the “secret ingredients” a holiday or just a getaway brings to people, what makes us take a leap into a totally different world, where we get disconnected from the daily rush and more connected than ever to ourselves. What is this holiday effect?


Sometimes we unconsciously choose a location that will place us closer to our energy supply, whose elements will bring that peace, calm, and balanced inner state.

For some it’s nature with its mountainous forms, for others it’s the blue color and rhythmic sounds of the waves, some of us will be in search of a history piece, others enjoying local elements of undiscovered lands.

We all get drawn to a source of positive energy to be able to spend much-needed time with ourselves, and our values, hear our thoughts, and recharge our batteries.


So this is when I invite my clients to immerse themselves in the most important journey of our lives: the journey towards our true selves. You can ask for recommendations but the real benefits and outcome will be one of a kind, powerful, and unique like each of us. This is going to be a very intimate and trustful journey, that might feel uncomfortable and painful to start with, but it will be the source of our most valuable and personal fulfillment.

Discovering our true selves, understanding our essence, and how we perceive the surrounding world will be like discovering the 8th Wonder of the World, our Inner Wonder.

Confidence and trust, empowerment and energy, be-wilderness and discovery, gratitude and joy, self-love and acceptance are only some of the keys that we are going to attach to our mental snapshots of this itinerary.


The JOURNEY Within


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu

This is the Journey Preparation where the Client comes with Jammed Feelings and wonders if he/she is ready to Jump out of their Comfort zone.

The Coach and the Client Join Forces to turn this experience into a fulfilling one, full of insights, self-exploration, and empowerment.


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu

This is the Objective of the session, which is this flexible journey that the client is willing to embark on.


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu Here comes the Understanding of the impact this experience is going to have on the client, the benefits that will satisfy the client to face his/her Underlying beliefs, shake them off, and be ready to embrace a new and more empowering attitude or perspective.


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu Now it’s time for a Reality check, where we discuss the Responsibility the client is prepared to take in order to make this journey a successful one.


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu Deeply immersed in the exploration phase, the Client discovers New beliefs, New Perspectives, and New ways of seeing themselves and the world in all its beauty and potential.


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu With this new awareness of the available possibilities, the Client starts imagining how to Embed the change into their lives, and their Energy level lifts up, as they identify action plans and changes to implement.


JOURNEY Coaching Model - Andreea Nedelcu YES to my new self! YES to your growth and new learning, that transform this journey into a limitless opportunity.


We often feel different at the end of a journey, full of energy and knowledge, much more centered and willing to prioritize the important in us, still with a nostalgic feeling that the journey came to an end.

Reaching the awareness that our most important journey in life never ends, that each chapter only completes the ones before, and that there is magic in the discovery of every bit of our true self represents our most valuable accomplishment. This realization comes as the start of a true love story that will shape and transform us to our core so that the following quote will not only feel like an ideal but a deeply engraved belief:

Life is a JOURNEY and if you fall in love with the JOURNEY, you will be in love forever – Peter Hagerty

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