The Flow Line Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Hilary Taggart, Transformational Coach, UNITED KINGDOM

Flow Line 

The Flow Line represents your path in life.
It is a continuous, flexible line, always moving in a forward direction.

It also signifies actively and purposefully journeying towards what you want.
The words you attach to it act as ideas, actions, reminders, and support.

The Flow Line Coaching Model

Flow Line Coaching Model - Hilary Taggart

There are 3 parts to your path and journey:

  1. The SPIRAL is when you wake up and begin.
  2. Lots of LOOPS represent all of your steps, your actions, and your motivation – you are doing the work.
  3. The STRAIGHTENING LINE is your focus, your why, and reaching your goal.
  • Flow Line is a tool and guide for life
  • Flow Line is a task
  • Flow Line as a tool and guide for life

Flow Line is a reminder that neither you nor your life is a straight line.
And, wouldn’t things be boring if it was?

It has a beginning, a middle, and an end, like life and everything in it.
Beginnings are exciting, the middle part is longer, requiring more from you, and an end brings everything together. Yet everything is connected.
We are whole and complete, just as we are (convolutions included!).

The Flow Line shape has its own deeper meanings too.

A SPIRAL to begin says

open up and create space
allow yourself and your ideas to grow and change
feel a sense of freedom

The many LOOPS tell you be flexible
life’s an adventure, flow with it
detours and mistakes will happen, and that’s ok
don’t expect, or wish for smooth sailing
learn and develop yourself as you go
you can’t go back, so look ahead
The STRAIGHTENING LINE is you feel more settled, centered, and confident
knowing that you will straighten yourself out
keeping focused on what you want to achieve

What Does It Say to You?
What Do You Want for Yourself Right Now?
What Is Motivating You?
How Will You Get There?

Here are some ideas to reflect on, to keep in mind and guide you.

= You NOW

= Your journey
= Your goal

You are looking ahead.

You want to change, grow and learn.

Wake up!

Open up to the universe.

Welcome new ideas and opportunities.

What are you looking to achieve?

Clarify your why, needs, wants, values, strengths, passions, purpose.

Which of these means the most right here and now?

What do you need to prepare?

Got a time frame in mind?

You are taking action.

Experience life.

Maintain your energy and motivation.

Use your strengths, knowledge, and experience to move you forward.

What’s getting in the way?

Keep a positive mindset.

Use all the resources you can, to motivate and support you here.

Keep checking your progress.

How are you feeling?

What helps you in your times of need?

Your goal is in sight.

Things are easier for you.

Acknowledge your progress.

How is your confidence?

Be grateful and proud of yourself.

Note what you need and want here to keep going.

Remember your why.

How will you celebrate?

How will it benefit you?

What has changed for you?

What have you learned about yourself?

What Has Interested You in the Guide?
What Might You Need to Explore or Experiment With?

Flow Line as a Task

Create a visual plan to reach a specific goal.
Don’t forget to add prompts that you know will motivate and support you.

Got Something in Mind Already to Work Towards?

  1. Start with what’s on your mind right now and write down a word on the left side of your page by the spiral, to summarise this.
  2. Next, on the right side by the end of the straight line, write down what you want to achieve.
  3. Then fill the middle of the page along the loops with whatever you need to get there.

Flow Line Coaching Model - Hilary Taggart

Need Some Help?

STEP 1          If you haven’t got something in mind, finding a clear topic may take a minute. If you have a few things to consider, narrow it down to one thing. Ask yourself – what is most important for me right now?

STEP 2          If you are unsure, spend some time reflecting on your topic, to get clear on what you really want to achieve and also why you want it. A goal can be tangible (eg completing a task) or more subtle (eg. exploring your emotions or behavior, to get some clarity, understanding, or to let go).

STEP 3          Your work to do is best ordered chronologically.

The bends can be changes to make, or practical steps to take.

The lines in between can be what you need to work on, and the support and motivation you need to get you there.

Flow Line Coaching Model - Hilary Taggart


It’s your journey and your path to travel.
You choose what feels right and will benefit you.

Remember the unique nature of you.
Connect to any deeper meaning you may have or want for your life.

If the task interests you, reflect and experiment with it.
Draw Flow Lines for your life, strengths, passions, career, past, purpose.
Be curious. Have fun with it.
I only ask that you draw your path respecting the shape shown.

Who Is Flow Line For?

Anyone who:

  • responds well to visual reminders and motivation
  • wants to try something new and creative
  • is looking to develop a visual plan toward a goal
  • needs reminding that life is twists and turns, and that’s ok


  • looking to get ideas out of your head
  • as a check-in and to keep on track
  • to remember your why
  • to see and celebrate your progress

Flow Line Coaching Model - Hilary Taggart

The Flow Line design is not mine, but the unalome –
a sacred symbol from East Asian Buddhism.
I have adapted it for coaching purposes.

It reflects my interest in yoga and Eastern philosophy,
and this approach to health and well-being.

In its deepest and truest sense, the unalome represents our path to enlightenment, our existence on earth, and that we are the journey.

Flow reflects our energy constantly moving throughout our life.
It is also a nod to Mihaly Cszikszentmihalyi’s Flow concept.

Learn How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

Your Coaching Model reflects your values,
philosophies, and beliefs and must communicate who you will coach
and the problems you will solve.
Read more about creating your coaching model


Hand drawings: my own
Reading and image:

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