15 Products That Might Just Revolutionize Your Sleep Routine


Bearaby Hand-Knit Weighted Blanket ($199 and up)

It’s highly likely you’ve heard of this weighed blanket before; it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing options on the market. Made from 100 percent cotton, it boasts a chunky, hand-knit design that looks good in your bedroom and helps you relax after a long day. One of our former editors was obsessed; read her review of the Bearaby Napper for more.

Editor Quote: “I also appreciate there isn’t an inner layer of beads or sand. (These are two material options commonly used by brands to make their blankets heavy.) Each Bearaby blanket is hand-knit and devoid of artificial fillers, and the layered, thick knit contributes to its weight. This construction ensures an even weight distribution, a benefit not guaranteed with other filler types. Equally significant for me is its machine-washable nature. Without that feature, I’m not sure I could deem it practical.” — Marisa Petrarca, contributing editor, Commerce

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