The EI²RO Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Shripad Taralkar, Leadership Coach, AUSTRALIA

Coaching Model: “EI²RO (©Naash Consulting) Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Ownership for Organisational Excellence”

The EI²RO coaching model is designed to help individuals and organizations enhance their Emotional Intelligence (EI), develop resilience, take ownership of their actions and emotions, and ultimately, foster a culture of continuous improvement. By combining mindfulness practices with emotional intelligence and ownership, the coaching model aims to empower individuals to achieve personal growth and contribute to their organization’s productivity and performance.

The EI²RO Coaching Model

EI²RO Coaching Model - Shripad Taralkar


  • Start by assessing the client’s current level of emotional intelligence. Utilize assessments such as the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves) or the Emotional Competence Inventory (Richard Boyatzis and Daniel Goleman).
  • Evaluate the client’s current level of resilience and their capacity to take ownership of their emotions and actions.

Setting Clear Goals:

  • Identify the specific areas where the client needs improvement and growth.
  • Work with the client to establish clear and measurable goals for enhancing emotional intelligence, resilience, and ownership.
  • Ensure that these goals are aligned with both personal development and organizational objectives.

Key Components of the EI²RO Coaching Model:


  • Introduce mindfulness practices to the client to help them increase self-awareness, self-regulation, and overall emotional well-being.
  • Provide guidance on incorporating mindfulness techniques into daily routines.

Skill Development:

  • Help the client acquire and enhance skills related to emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management.
  • Teach strategies to boost resilience, such as stress management, adaptability, and coping mechanisms.

Action Planning:

Define specific practices and exercises to enhance emotional intelligence and resilience.

  • Encourage personal responsibility and ownership by helping the client recognize the impact of their choices and actions.
  • Collaborate with the client to develop a detailed action plan to achieve their goals.
  • Break down the plan into manageable steps and milestones.

Coaching and Feedback:

  • Provide ongoing coaching and support to the client throughout their development journey.
  • Offer constructive feedback, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes.
  • Help the client navigate challenges and setbacks with resilience and determination.


  • For clients in leadership roles, support the integration of improved emotional intelligence and resilience into their leadership style.
  • Assist the client in fostering a culture of emotional intelligence, ownership, and mindfulness within their organization.
  • Encourage the client to promote employee engagement and buy-in through their personal growth and leadership.


  • Evaluate the client’s progress and adapt the coaching approach as needed.
  • Evaluate the impact of enhanced emotional intelligence and resilience on the individual’s well-being and the organization’s performance.
  • Make adjustments to the coaching plan based on the results and feedback.

By following the EI²RO coaching model, individuals and organizations can elevate their emotional intelligence, resilience, and ownership. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity, better employee engagement, and improved overall performance, creating a positive and sustainable impact on personal and professional development.

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