This 30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout Will Make You Feel Powerful (and Sweaty)


Presented by Athleta, this HIIT workout is basically a guaranteed confidence boost. Celebrity trainer Amanda Butler leads you through two different rounds of full-body interval training, helping you work up a sweat and promising that — although this workout is definitely a challenge — it’s worth it in the end. “We’re gonna get sweaty, it’s gonna be hard, but I want you to just do your best,” she says.

You’ll warm up on the ground, moving through the spine, twisting the upper body, and activating the core with plank holds. Then you’ll build even more heat with reverse lunges, moving on to arm circles and arm pulses to activate the back, warm up the shoulders, and open up the chest. Get your heart rate up with some jumping jacks, then prepare for the first round of programming.

Butler’s two circuits are made up of four different exercises each. You’ll work through the four exercises in 60-second, 30-second, and 15-second sets, taking very little recovery time in order to feel the burn. Butler encourages you to embrace the discomfort as you start firing up the legs with jump squats. “We’re putting ourselves through this intentionally because when things come at us sideways, we’re already mentally, physically prepared,” she says. Mountain climbers and plank jacks come next, followed by press jacks.

The second circuit includes duck walks, shoulder-tapping planks, ab twists, and slow burpees. It’s hard work, but you’ll love how confident you feel afterward. “You’ve earned this,” Butler says mid-cooldown. Follow along and don’t miss new workout episodes every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

All featured talent is wearing Athleta.

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