8 Wellness Questions with Halle Berry

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Yes, *the* Halle Berry.

Hot girl summer? Try hot girl life. At 54, Halle Berry is at the top of her game — in 2020, the Oscar-winning actor had her directorial debut at TIFF with the acclaimed film Bruised and launched the wellness platform rē•spin with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas, and in March of this year, partnered with the app FitOn to share her own workouts with the masses — and looking more ravishing than ever. (Did you see her at the 2021 Oscars in her faux bob? Epic.) She also has a super entertaining Instagram account that’s full of outfits, fitspo, dog content (!) and behind-the-scenes looks at her life that we — and seven million followers — check on the regular. Here, we chat with Berry about wellness, workouts and how she’s prioritizing self-care.

How do you stay motivated to exercise?

I stay motivated with the understanding that it isn’t about me looking a certain way, it’s always about achieving optimal health. I just wanted to strengthen myself from the inside out. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that what’s important in life is our attitude, sense of well-being, and sense of strength, on top of being healthy and strong. That’s how we keep the impression of youth — because we keep our bodies younger and feeling strong. We’re more active so we feel like we’re essentially aging backward, but we’re aging forwards and being mindful about how we do it.

How have your self-care habits changed during the pandemic?

I have been focusing a lot on self-care. During the pandemic and quarantine, I’ve been working out at home more.

Do you have a current favourite workout or exercise routine?

Martial Arts training.

Can you tell us a bit about your wellness platform, rē•spin? What’s making you most excited about it right now?

We are building something that goes beyond the conventional wellness brand, dedicated to serving up a variety of options to help you find what aligns best with you. Each pillar has been curated to reflect a different component of the wellness journey. How you engage with our core pillars should feel right to you; our goal is to always come from a place of truth, acknowledging that everyone’s path is different. I’m most excited about the progress we’ve made within the past year.

What’s your top wellness tip?

My tip would be that setbacks are a normal part of the process; what matters most is that you don’t stop trying. The process of rē-spinning your worldview to make health and wellness your reality can and should be done just for you. This is a life-long path of attuning to your inner truth and expressing it outwardly.

What is one beauty product you can’t live without?

Vitamin C.

Tell me about your involvement with the Flow brand and campaign.

I’m a Flow consumer, shareholder and was featured as part of the Flow “family of talent” in the “Beautiful Inside and Out” marketing campaign. I was excited to be a part of Flow’s campaign as their mission aligns with my values by emphasizing empowered individual wellness; in this case, promoting hydration via mineral-rich, alkaline spring water. Sharing a common belief in broadening wellness to extend beyond self, Flow is also the hydration partner for rē•spin, my health, and wellness company.

Do you have a favourite flavour?

The brand’s collagen-infused collection is easily drinkable. I can’t get enough of the collagen-infused watermelon these days.

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