Logic, Madlib’s MadGic Collaboration Release New Song ‘Raddest Dad’


MadGic, a collaboration between Logic and the producer Madlib, have released their second single “Raddest Dad.”

The new track follows “Mars Only Pt. 3,” a surprise release in April given the Logic’s “retirement.” The artwork for “Raddest Dad” features Logic and his son on the cover, with the rapper proclaiming at the song’s end, “When you grow up in the hood without a male role model / And your momma turn to the bottle / Give a damn about status, who the baddest / I just wanna be the raddest dad as I can be.”

The track concludes with a low-volume, reverse-speech segment that, when flipped, Logic states (via Stereogum), “I retired, but I’ve been making music every single day since I retired because I love it,” Logic says in a hidden outro with reversed audio. “And then I think what I realized was that I don’t like the industry. So I think I want to retire from the industry. That’s why I wanna do this music for free. Sometimes I wanna come back, but I don’t know if I should come back. I mean if I did I’d want to be independent.”

Like “Mars Only Pt. 3” — which reworked a beat Madlib previously used on his alter ego Quasimoto’s “Rappcats Pt. 3” — “Raddest Dad” utilizes a previous Madlib production, this time from Roc Marciano’s “The Sacrifice.”

On their previous single, Logic hinted at an entire MadGic album, “Logic and Madlib is MadGic, your catalog tragic / Fuck a underground, fuck a pop sound /Made this whole album in a lockdown, hip hop is our town,” the rapper proclaimed. However, the duo have not yet announced their collaborative LP.

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