Onward- Create A Healthy Mindset


A Coaching Model Created by Robyn Lewis, Life Coach, UNITED STATES

Onward Life Coaching Model Robyn Lewis

Onward up many a frightening creek, though your arms may get sore and your sneakers may leak. Oh! The places you’ll go!― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


Open-mindedness…become open, broaden your mind to all possibilities and options, 

Nurture your being…explore what a healthy mindset looks like to you and how you can achieve it to help support your forward motion, 

Workshop…develop action steps to support your vision and goals,  

Accountable…identify how you will stay on track and motivated, 

Ready, aim, fire…follow through on the commitments you have made to yourself and access your power for change,

Discover…explore newly unlocked awareness and consider the positive impact for other areas of your life.

Open-mindedness is the act of being receptive to, or being willing to consider, new or different ideas other than your own.  Allowing yourself to“think outside of the box” when evaluating situations, responses, ideas, decisions, or just in the spirit of creativity can ignite forward motion.  Envisioning all the possibilities may unlock opportunities previously undiscovered.

Nurturing your mindset by allowing space and consideration for things like reframing perspectives or refreshing your outlook can unlock deeper levels of awareness and create a powerful foundation for your plan to move forward. Exploration of what a healthy mindset looks and feels like to you will help identify what needs to occur to achieve that vision.

Workshopping the most supportive and meaningful ways in which you can begin taking action is critical on the path of achieving your goals.  You may want to consider short-term and long-term steps depending on the ultimate goal.  Consider what is realistic and what your timeframes are for completing actions.

Accountability is how you will decide or define how to hold yourself responsible for the plan you have created to achieve your goals and desired outcomes.  There are infinite ways and styles in which accountability can manifest.  What matters is which way or style you respond to best.  Consider how to best hold yourself responsible for staying on track or maintaining your motivation.

Ready, aim, fire.  You are ready with your plan…aiming for success with your thoughtfully created action plan…and now it’s time to fire!  Often, the actual execution of a well-intentioned plan can be one of the most difficult pieces to put into place.  The actual “firing” of our actions, or pressing the “go button,” may need special considerations such as identifying in advance any potential challenges or obstacles.  Being transparent with yourself, or brainstorming, about what may get in the way of your success can prepare you for those moments and keep your plan firing towards those goals.

Discover the learnings and awareness you have uncovered during this time of exploration.  Consider what these learnings have done for you at the moment as well as how these new enlightenments might be applied to other areas of your life.

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