RUAOK (Recognize-Understanding-Action-Outcome-Knowledge)


A Coaching Model By Winston McGill, Transformational Coach, UNITED STATES

Life is a journey, the journey is never linear there are many twists, turns, and obstacles. We should all seek growth and development on the journey. Unfortunately, we often get stuck and lose our way. RUAOK Coaching is a vehicle to help us along the journey, to move clients from those moments of insecurity, of being afraid to self-confidence and progress.

  1. First, the person being coached must RECOGNIZE that what they have been doing just isn’t working, they are frustrated and angry and just not progressing in whatever area they feel stuck in.
  2. After recognition clients can move to a path of understanding and identifying where they are stuck.
  3. ACTION is the next step. A positive forward motion by setting small goals or changes and accomplishing those goals or by making incremental changes.
  4. Having a clear vision of the desired OUTCOME.
  5. Using the KNOWLEDGE you’ve gained about yourself and the power you possess to move forward to happiness and fulfillment.

This model, when applied correctly should encompass the eight ICF Core Competencies and is an effective tool to use as a guide for an enriching coaching experience.

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