I Tried Wearing Period-Proof Activewear During 3 Different Workouts — Here’s What Happened


My daily workout routine consists of many different forms of movement, from walking my dog to strength training to yoga and beyond. So when I shop for leggings, I try to choose styles that are versatile and can be worn during all of my go-to workouts.

I love every item that I’ve purchased, but they all lack one specific feature: they are not period-proof. I have friends who love exercising in period-proof leggings, so I decided to test out Thinx period-proof leggings and bike shorts (which were sent to me by the brand) to see if they could hold up through my various favorite exercises.

I chose to test them on the heaviest day of my period to see what they were capable of in the absorption department. To test their versatility, which is what I really value in workout leggings, I chose to wear them during my hour-long morning walk with my dog, a 20-minute strength-training session, and a 20-minute Peloton ride. Ahead, my thoughts on how they held up through it all.

Wearing Period Activewear While Walking

Since it was chilly out, I decided to wear the Thinx Leggings ($95) for an hour-long walk with my dog and change into the Thinx Cycle Shorts ($38, originally $75) for my strength-training workout and my Peloton ride.

Compared to my other workout leggings, the Thinx Leggings are made with a much thicker material than my usual pair of leggings. They are even thicker around the crotch area to absorb blood and period fluid. The thicker fabric around the crotch just felt like the leggings were made with seamless built-in underwear. These particular leggings are designed for a moderate flow, which equals out to about three tampons’ worth of liquid.

When I first slipped them on, I noticed they were slightly compressive, which made me think they’d also work well for running. That said, they also didn’t feel too tight or restrictive around my waist or stomach. I really appreciated this because I was experiencing some bloating at the time.

After I got past the frantic feeling of not wearing a tampon or liner (this lasted about five minutes), I totally forgot that I even had my period. I never once felt wet or uncomfortable. The leggings didn’t slip down or move around as I briskly walked with my pup either.

Wearing Period Activewear While Strength Training

After I got home from walking my dog, I changed into the Cycle Shorts for a 20-minute full-body strength-training workout on my Peloton app.

The Cycle Shorts are made of a slightly thinner material and don’t feel quite as compressive as the leggings. However, like the leggings, they have another layer of fabric around the crotch to absorb menstrual fluid. These are described as being ideal for a light flow and can hold up to two tampons’ worth of liquid. Even on my heaviest day, my period is pretty light, so I felt secure testing the shorts, too.

The Peloton workout consisted of a ton of compound exercises, like deadlifts, dumbbell thrusters, push-ups, and burpees. I did have to pull the Cycle Shorts up twice during the workout (specifically during the burpee portion), but I also think I could have sized down and this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. Absorption wise, once again, I never felt any level of discomfort or wetness.

I could see myself wanting to wear these just to lounge around the house, too. In my opinion, they are slightly more comfortable than the leggings.

Wearing Period Activewear During a Peloton Bike Ride

For the final portion of my workout, I hopped on my Peloton bike for a 20-minute ride. I knew this ride would have me in and out of the saddle, sprinting, and working on endurance, so I felt that it would be a good versatility test for the period-proof cycle shorts.

I was surprised to find that the shorts felt even more secure on the bike than they did during my strength-training workout. They never rode up or slipped down once — even during jumps. I got very sweaty, but the fabric did a great job of wicking away the moisture.

Thinx notes that its period-proof activewear can be worn for a variety of different workouts, and after my personal test, I can agree. Overall, I was so happy with my experience that I immediately washed them with hopes of wearing them for the next day’s workout too.

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