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John Pasquale, long time real estate guru and legendary SoHo royalty, is the prestigious co-owner of PEP Real Estate, a full-service real estate management company with offices at 51 Wooster Street in SoHo, NYC.  With a career challenging the longevity of the Queen of England, Pasquale offers services including sales and leasing of retail stores, offices, lofts, condos, restaurants, nightclubs and does event planning consultations for short term needs.

One of the most desirable locations on the planet is the SoHo area in New York City (an acronym for South of Houston Street). It is recognized for its galleries, luxury boutiques, high-end commercial properties, independent designer posts and the location that many artists celebrate as a residence. The area’s history is an archetypal example of inner-city regeneration and gentrification.

A licensed real estate broker and commercial real estate guru, John Pasquale is also an ethical businessman, a confident entrepreneur and a benevolent philanthropist. A native New Yorker, John was raised in the Bronx. His passions include the arts and entertainment, and his charitable non-profit organization, the Let Me Help, Inc Foundation which he founded during the covid crisis after the passing of his mom from the virus.

With the greatest city in the world recovering from the pandemic and again beginning to thrive PEP Real Estate is proud to announce the pending closings of some of their desirable properties ….

He has rented to a major production company, a retail tech company, a fashion brand and a world-famous salon. He has also secured a media company, a retail jewelry company, a parking garage and FedEx. The New York City Real Estate market finally looks like it once again has a promising future.

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