The Great American Bistro Opening in April 1 st 2022


In the mood for some down-home cooking? Look no further than The Great American
Bistro! This new eatery is set to open in April of 2022 and promises a simple, tasty meal
that will make you feel right at home. With classics like crispy chicken & waffles, wings,
and grilled salmon, this is one restaurant you won’t want to miss. Foodies are already
marking their calendars to get ready for some good old fashioned comfort food!

With an aim to make customers feel right at home, The Great American Bistro is sure to
become a favorite spot for anyone looking for a great meal without any fuss. From
delicious meals to great beverages, customers can experience the simple pleasures of
dining in a fantastic establishment led by Chef Derrick and GM Davino.

Chef Derrick draws from a range of fine dining to comfort soul food to create his beloved
specialty dishes. With over twenty years of culinary experience and private catering with
Peace Of Mind Culinary, Derrick has developed a diverse palate that is inspired not just
by various cultures, but also from polishing his cuisine working alongside some of
America’s legendary East Coast chefs, from Massachusetts to Florida.

Chef Derrick is celebrated for his use of Halal meat, farm-fresh foods, and locally grown
ingredients. By integrating flavors and different techniques from around the world, Chef
Derrick has been able to capture and create a signature style that is often craved and
always sought after. He is no stranger in the kitchen and credits his grandfather for
nurturing a love of food in him from a tender age. Some of his fondest childhood
memories are centered around quality time spent with Grandpa Joe in the kitchen, who
could constantly be found cooking dishes inspired from his homeland of Bermuda.
Grandpa Joe’s young protégé could not deny the heady power that food wielded.

With the right combination of ingredients, technique, and time, he not only created a
dish that told a story, or expressed cultural ideas – food was uniquely skilled at bringing
people together. In his sought-after role at The Great American Bistro, Chef Derrick
crafts exquisite dishes that showcase distinctive flavors and imaginative presentation,
ensuring that for many guests, their dining experience is as memorable as any time
spent in Grandpa Joe’s kitchen.

Davino, a native of Brooklyn, New York, always knew he wanted to do something
extraordinary. Little did he know, having spent almost ten years living in Washington,D.C. –

the entirety of which he spent working in the service industry – he would amass a
varied skill set that would position him for the opportunity to guide the opening of The
Great American Bistro, affectionately known as The GAB.
Davino’s extensive career experience includes being Bar Manager at Busboys and
Poets on 14th St. and helping to open The Wydown coffee shop where he served as
Barista and Manager. His expertise in creating craft cocktails, coupled with a deep
affection for coffee led to opening his own coffee pop-up Duality Espresso & Whiskey
Bar. Working for Michelin-starred seafood restaurant The Siren afforded Davino the
opportunity to add some fine dining flair to his creativity behind the bar. He has also
held managerial roles in staple restaurants in the District including BIN 1301, Big Chief,
and 12 Stories.

The opportunity to develop and nurture a close bond with the neighborhood The GAB
serves is an honor that Davino doesn’t take lightly, but his spirit of service is what has
helped him turn a childhood dream into a lifelong commitment. Collaborating with a top
chef, meticulously compiling menus that consist of choice ingredients, and bringing
together a dynamic staff has equipped The GAB with the key elements needed to
consistently provide a spectacular dining experience to everyone who crosses its

Come meet our Team!
April 1 st Dinner 4pm-9 pm.
April 2 nd Brunch &Lunch 10am -3pm
April 3 rd Breakfast & Lunch 8am -2pm



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