Tiffany Toney Feature film “Bora” Makes History


Tiffany Toney is a talented individual, with a diverse background in sports, entertainment, and production. She has worked in various capacities in the entertainment industry, including as a former pro-athlete, actress, writer, director, and producer.

Toney recently finished production on her feature film BORA, which she wrote, directed, and starred in. The multi-talented Toney co-directed the film with Andre “Chyna” McCoy from The Matrix, and her DP James M. Black from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, both of whom also acted in the feature film. It also features Sierra Leone actress Ajima Cole, along with well-known actors such as Zab Judah, Omar Gooding, Noel G, Jasmine Sanders, and the voice of Netflix comedian EARTHQUAKE.

Toney wrote the BORA original screenplay with the intention of creating the first-ever female villain of color. The story follows Elon, a USC grad-student, who sets out on a road trip to find herself on Day of The Dead when she meets “BORA,” an Afro-Mexican hitchhiker who aims to free her from the burden of being sheltered by strict religion and a relationship with an over-protective boyfriend. Skilled at the art of seduction, BORA tempts Elon to try many things she’s never done before, but it’s all fun and games until Elon discovers that her girl-crush is a stone-cold killer. This fictional story is “An Urban, Urban Legend and the perfect fusion of black & brown culture in LA.”

Toney’s work as a director and writer has been recognized by various film festivals. Her recent short film “Jade Rising” won Best U.S. Sci-Fi in the 2019 Venice Shorts film festival. She has also worked as the director’s assistant for Summer of Violence, a feature film by award-winning actress Nicki Micheaux, and made an appearance in LAZARUS, the 2017 Action Superhero feature by Sean Riggs (BOSCH) and the late R.L. Scott, which led to a multi-picture deal with Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Tiffany Toney is the niece of boxing legend James Toney, and she has previously worked as a producer for NBC and America’s Most Wanted. Her experience in production has given her a unique perspective on the entertainment industry, and she is passionate about creating inclusive and diverse content.

Toney is currently in discussions with distributors and plans to officially release BORA in 2023. The film is sure to be a hit with audiences, showcasing Toney’s talent as a writer, director, and actress, along with an impressive cast of actors.


Click the link below to watch the official trailer:

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