The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Your Human Design Type in Your Marketing


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Have you heard of human design? Named what’s “in” in 2023 by the Washington Post, human design is a personality test based on seven ancient systems that you can use to understand yourself better and how you are designed to operate in business. Human design is especially powerful for entrepreneurs because it provides insights into your decision-making, team-building, marketing, sales, and offer creation.

For this article, you will want to know your human design type. You can download your chart here if you want to know your human design type.

For entrepreneurs, marketing, consistently creating content and showing up online can be challenging. Having spent nearly two decades supporting entrepreneurs, communicating what you do, who you serve, the offer and your marketing message is what differentiates the entrepreneurs who thrive and those who don’t. Your human design type can provide insights into how you best create content, build community, and engage in social media platforms. Let’s dive into marketing by design, type edition.

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Generator marketing do’s

Ask your audience, “What do you want to learn from me?” or ask me anything. This gives you something to respond to. You do best when you have a question to answer instead of pulling content out of thin air.

You thrive when you have uninterrupted time to “work” on the marketing activities you love! Discern which activities you love and delegate the rest. Find places and communities where you can go deep in sharing your expertise. These places will foster your innate ability to create relationships.

Generator marketing don’ts

Jump on every trend. This will gobble up your energy and often make you feel frustrated and unsatisfied.

Avoid posting on every platform just because you “should be there” — follow your gut about what feels correct to invest your time. Refrain from forcing yourself to create content when you are feeling uninspired. This will leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

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Manifesting generator marketing do’s

You thrive when you set up a waitlist for any new initiative or offer. You can use the waitlist to gauge interest from your audience. Fearlessly share your multi-passionate ways with the world.

Your passions are your superpower. Embodying your passions allows you to thrive, and simply by being you, you will inspire others. You already know enough; it is time to share it.

Permit yourself to dabble on different social media platforms so that you can figure out what works for you. Don’t be afraid to bounce from thing to thing or trend to trend.

Manifesting generator marketing don’ts

Let go of the pressure to try to explain your process to others. Simply embody it, then use your social media and marketing to show that embodiment. You aren’t here to be hyper-consistent, so forgive yourself for the times you weren’t.

Stop should-ing yourself to create premeditated posts or anything that is overly styled. Your marketing thrives when you embrace the moment and share from the present. You, by simply being you, empower others. Own your individuality.

Projector marketing do’s

Allow yourself to be seen by showing up in your marketing. Share the depth of your wisdom with your community and own the fact that you are intellectual. Focus on the potency of your content rather than the frequency. Quality over quantity is your mantra.

You need an invitation and recognition for your advice to be heard. They are not mutually exclusive. Both must be present.

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Projector marketing don’ts

Force yourself to be everything to everyone. Your energy is potent and seeing. Your content, energy, and knowledge are not for everyone.

Force yourself to be on every platform. Be discerning about where you show up and how you use your marketing energy.

Manifestor marketing do’s

Leverage social media to inform your community of what you are up to. Informing keeps your audience in the loop as to what you are up to while honoring the ebbs and flows of your energy.

Fearlessly share all of yourself on social media. Your energy attracts those who are ready to take action against you.

Manifestor marketing don’ts

Feel pressured to be on every platform. Be selective about which platform allows you to catalyze change and build there. Let go of trying to show up on a schedule and instead show up when you feel called.

Commit to strategies that require a long-term approach where you don’t see dividends quickly. You need to see growth to stay committed, so pick platforms & mediums that support that.

Reflector marketing do’s

Create, cultivate, or join a community that feels good to you. The environment is crucial to your success. Share your stories about the human experience with your community. Stories optimally include both the highs and the lows.

Leverage your ability to see into the depths of others as a way to curate content. Use excitement as a compass to drive your marketing message. Look to the gates of your throat to discern how best you articulate those stories.

Reflector marketing don’ts

Feel pressured to show up daily. Honor your lunar cycle. Let go of the should’s to post overly styled or premeditated pictures. You are a chameleon. Honor the person who shows up each moment.

Force yourself to follow trends or to commit to tactics that feel off. Allow yourself to lean into what feels right and only do those marketing activities.

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Understanding your type is one aspect of marketing yourself based on your human design. As you leverage your human design in your marketing initiatives, take what resonates and leave the rest —experiment with what feels aligned for you. Marketing yourself congruently with your human design may create a ripple effect in your business, so don’t be surprised if you begin attracting more clients.

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