Follow Your ID Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Cyril Mehanna, Life Coach and Wellness Coach, GHANA

Three Important Elements of the Follow Your ID Meaning

Follow your ID is a model based on three essential aspects: Intuition (the I), Determination (the D), and Self-trust (the ID). My personal life and my coaching experience have led me to develop this coaching model. The intuition relates to the Gut, this instinct that I listen to in my daily life and my coaching experience. This intuition that I cultivate this through different tools such as mediation, and this instinct that had helped me take difficult but needed decisions. Determination is something that is not innate, but that each one of us can work towards. Determination is what can help a coach get on with his coaching journey, and Determination can also be this drive that the client needs to get into action. Finally, the ID, which I refer to as Self-trust, can simply be seen as “believe in yourself”, because the answer is within you (if you listen to your gut), and you can develop the tools and the determination to get to where you want to be. So follow your ID.

Follow Your ID Model

The Coach

As a coach, you need to be able to connect with your intuition. This instinct feeling that we all have is however something that we need to cultivate, develop, and believe in. I personally trust my gut during my coaching sessions, and it has helped me more than once, to get out of these “stuck” moments. The power of using intuition as a coach can lead to many different positive outcomes, three of them which I believe are essential.

First, intuition will help the coach connect with the client. In coaching sessions, thanks to“my” gut, I am able to pick up on subtle cues and signals from some clients that might not be immediately obvious. This can help me understand some of my clients’ underlying motivations, fears, and desires, which can be crucial information when it comes to helping them make positive changes in their lives. For example, through my intuition, I am able to identify underlying issues that my client struggles to understand and

Second, as a life coach, when I use my intuition effectively, it can help to build a deeper level of trust and rapport with the client. This can lead to more open and honest communication, which can in turn help me provide more effective guidance and support. Rather than following a procedure or a strict methodology, with the prepared session, I would go into a session trusting that my intuition will help me, as a coach, to be the best version of myself in order to better help the client. And as the client will have the feeling that I actually follow my gut rather than a strict process, they tend to build a faster and stronger trust relationship with me.

Third, through my intuition, I am able to give more effective guidance, detached from any judgment or preconceived idea. This guidance will not always be available and immediately clear on a conscious level, however, while digging into my intuition, I find that a can get a deeper insight into myself and into the client’s situation, to help him get a more comprehensive action plan or goal to his session.

Regarding the second point of my coaching model, determination, it is essential for a coach to be determined in his coaching journey as well as in his coaching session. This will help build the coaching business and career, but will also help overcome any session, no matter the challenges encountered. My personal determination has led me to pursue my career in coaching while managing two businesses full-time, and it is my determination that pushes me to give the best version of myself as a coach in each session I have with a client there are many reasons why:

I see myself as a role model for clients: Life coaches serve as role models for their clients. By demonstrating determination and perseverance, I wish to inspire my clients to do the same and show them that challenges and obstacles can be overcome with the right mindset and approach.

I like to keep and maintain my motivation in any situation: Coaching is a long-term process, and clients may face setbacks and challenges along the way. As a coach, I must show determination, as it will help to maintain the client’s motivation and encourage them to keep moving forward toward their goals.

I am focused on results: Determination helps me to maintain focus on the desired outcomes and results for the clients. This can help to ensure that the sessions will be productive and goal-oriented and that the client is making progress towards their desired outcomes.

It also helps me overcome obstacles: Determination is also important as it helps to overcome obstacles and challenges in my own practice. Whether it’s attracting new clients, dealing with administrative tasks, or staying up-to-date with the latest coaching methods and tools, determination definitely helps me to stay motivated and focused on my own goals and success.

Therefore, I based my coaching on determination, as I believe it is an important trait for a life coach, and it can help to inspire and motivate clients, maintain focus on desired outcomes, and overcome obstacles and challenges.

Finally, I noticed that no matter how connected I am to my intuition, no matter who the client is and whatever the issue discussed is about, and no matter how determined I am, in the end, all I need is to trust myself and believe in myself, because I have the tools in hand to be a life coach, especially if I follow my intuition and I am determined to get where I want to. When there is a will there is a way. So I won’t stop believing in myself, and I am confident in who I am, confident my Identity (ID) is a strong asset.

The Client

Intuition can be a powerful tool for clients in a life coaching session. Intuition refers to the ability to understand or know something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning or analysis. When a client learns to develop and trust their intuition, they can make more informed decisions and achieve greater self-awareness, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

One of the key benefits of using intuition as a client is self-awareness. Intuition can help us tune into the inner voice and better understand our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This can help to make more conscious choices that align with our own values and goals, thus helping us as clients to achieve a share of fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives. For example, in a session where I discussed some issues related to my work, I discovered that my career decisions based on intuition fall in line with my skills and passions, leading to a more fulfilling career path.

Another benefit of intuition in a life coaching session is the ability to identify blind spots. Clients may have biases or preconceptions that prevent them from seeing the full picture or considering alternative options. Intuition can help to identify these blind spots and provide new perspectives and insights that the client may not have considered otherwise.

Trusting in their own judgment is another important benefit of developing intuition in a life coaching session. Clients may be tempted to rely on external advice or opinions, leading to a lack of confidence in their own decision-making abilities. Intuition can help clients to trust their own judgment and make decisions based on their inner guidance.

Another interesting point that I experience personally, is that intuition can empower clients to take control of their lives and make positive changes. By using and trusting their intuition, clients can feel more empowered to make choices that align with their values and goals, rather than feeling overwhelmed by external pressures or expectations. For example, when I am struggling with self-doubt or fear, intuition helps me connect to my own strengths and capabilities, leading to a greater sense of empowerment and motivation to pursue my goals.

Determination will inevitably be a key factor in what clients want to achieve. Without determination, not much can be done. Determination will be needed to, first and foremost, start the coaching journey. Secondly, the client has to be open and determined to search for answers within himself. Third, the client has to be ready to set an action plan and find a clear solution. And fourth, determination will be a must for post-coaching work and progress.

Finally, intuition can be an invaluable tool for clients in a life coaching session. I insist on the fact that clients should also trust themselves, because no matter the issue, the answers lie within them, and with determination, they can do marvelous things and overcome any challenge standing in their way. Moreover, any client has what it takes to achieve the goals he sets for himself, and believing he can do it is half of the job done. So believe in yourself (your ID), and you will definitely get there.

The Importance of Follow Your ID in Coaching

In conclusion, it is important to underline the importance of intuition to help the coach build a strong session, but also the power of this intuition for the client to help him gain awareness of himself and his strength. A determined coach will help a client get this determination as well, as it is contagious.

In order to develop intuition in a life coaching session, clients may need to cultivate mindfulness, self-reflection, and other practices that promote self-awareness and self-trust. A life coach can help clients to develop these skills through guided meditation, journaling, and other exercises that encourage self-reflection and intuition development. By fostering a safe and supportive environment for intuition development, a life coach can help clients to tap into their own inner wisdom and create meaningful change in their lives, as well as supporting and encouraging the client to believe in themselves.

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