The TIME Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Cyrus Erickson, Executive Leadership Coach, UNITED STATES


Time is money and one of our most valuable resources. For senior leaders and executives, the ability to set aside time to develop and uncover powerful thoughts, strategies, plans and/or problem solve is a huge opportunity that provides infinite rewards and results.

Just imagine the statement and solution to the sentiment “I just need time to think!” It is difficult to find the time, devote the space and stop “the doing” to just THINK. What is the solution?

Now, imagine an open space where you can talk candidly, share ideas or opportunities with an unbiased and objective Professional Leadership Coach. Think about setting aside the current day to day clamor and stresses, using this space to slow down and just THINK. Partnering with a coach provides an unbiased, objective sounding board to talk out ideas, challenges, obstacles and opportunities.

The result in this time investment is profound and invaluable: sales opportunities emerge, time management issues subside, career advancement discussions become easier, inner personal relationship improve, customer satisfaction ratings improve. It’s a WIN-WIN for you and your organization.

My coaching model capitalizes on the investment in TIME with a Professional Coach to THINK, brainstorm, strategize, solve and reflect. As a result, you may identify opportunities to grow revenue, embark on a new strategy, get promoted, build stronger cross functional relationships, synergize work-life balance. A coaching partnership can develop and enhance productivity, motivation, focus and well-being – benefitting you, your teams and your organization.

The Time Coaching Model


People’s calendars are jammed packed every day. Often times, we run from meeting to meeting, back to back with our leaders, our direct reports, clients, cross functional teams – with very little time dedicated to focusing or thinking about the big picture, strategic initiatives, or our own well-being and state of mind.

How often to you hear: “There’s not enough time in the day!”….?

As a business leader, there are several key factors we manage on a daily basis: Achieving and growing the organization’s results, developing and training our teams and, finally, our own career advancement and outlook. Simply put: the business, the team, yourself. Of course, our out-of-work persona is critical and in play too. Our families, loved ones and physical/mental well-being are layered on top of our business factors and focuses.

All of these factors require your most precious resource: your TIME. When you spend time, you’re not really looking to get anything back. When you invest in something you expend resources, but you do so with an expectation of getting a good return on your investment (ROI). Investing your time means that you engage in activities which are calculated to bring you meaningful rewards.[1]

An investment in a Professional Coach partnership helps navigate better time management, improves communication, enhances leadership skills and achieves stronger decision making. A study by the International Coach Federation (ICF) found that, on average, organizations that invest in coaching see a return on investment (ROI) of 10 to 50 times the cost of the coaching.[2]

Grounded in an ethical foundation and a client centered mindset, the ICF structure centers the coach and client’s TIME investment by aligning with the client on clear and specific outcomes and success measures for each session.


When is the last time you had that “ah-ha” moment? How about the “Oh, WOW” time when something crystalizes in front of you and the path forward is more clear and direct? These moments happen when you invest in THOUGHT, or the time to THINK. The power of our thoughts and space for reflection are huge opportunities to unlock our most creative and analytical selves.

Dreaming about “what if” scenarios, discovering ways to overcome obstacles and thinking about new perspectives are key benefits provided through a Professional Coaching partnership and my TIME coaching model. When you are in a thinking mode, the possibilities are endless.

Often times, our underlying beliefs and values drive us and provide key insights into the way we think, operate and show up day to day. During the thinking phase, the TIME coaching model examines these beliefs (e.g., “fear of failure”) and values (e.g., “success at all costs”) to better understand and learn ways to move forward, adapt, grow and succeed. In this thought phase, ideas, opinions, discoveries and statements are shared and examined in a fluid, objective and organic manner. As a client, each idea or THOUGHT is received by your coach without judgement or attachment.

To uncover and benefit from these beliefs and values, your coach will utilize ICF competencies of trust, active listening and support to build momentum and, ultimately, achieve that “ah-ha” moment in your discussion.


To evaluate what RESULTS you can expect from my TIME coaching model, let’s first examine key issues facing Leaders and Organizations today.

The top 3 people issues facing companies and leaders today are:

  1. Employee Engagement and Retention
  2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  3. Remote and flexible working[3]

My 30+ year executive leadership experience, along with my ICA certification (in progress), indicates that there is one other, critical factor facing executives that supersedes the above list: Time Management. Leaders and executives are squeezed for time every moment of the day. Investing in Professional Coaching sessions gives you the time to MANAGE and discover results and outcomes in a more effective and efficient manner – ultimately saving time.

When looking at the possible RESULTS and outcomes from a Professional Coaching relationship, let’s examine some potential insights and goal objectives based on above key issues:

  • Manage up, across and down your organization, tapping into resources and individuals to help better manage your time.
  • Discover ways to provide career advancement for your teams.
  • Build engagement and retention plans that result in higher productivity / lower expenses for your company.
  • Increase salary for yourself with a new position or job.
  • Develop new ways to address equality and inclusion in your recruiting practices.
  • Achieve work-life balance goals through clear remote and flexible work policies.

By investing your TIME in Professional Coaching sessions, your coach and you focus solely on your needs and goals. During the sessions, your coach provides you with undivided attention and personalized feedback. This personal focus RESULTS in you gaining new insights and perspectives, identifying areas for improvement, and developing an action plan to achieve your goals.

Additionally, professional coaching sessions typically take place on a regular basis, this allows for continuity and consistency in the coaching process which is important for you to see progress and to hold yourself accountable.

Moreover, a professional coaching session can be seen as an investment in one self’s development and personal/professional growth, which can ultimately lead to a better quality of life, improved performance, and greater fulfillment.

At the end of a coaching session – and the result of the time investment + thinking coaching session – focused outcomes, next steps and accountability measures are developed and aligned.

TIME and the Space to Think

A powerful and productive business leader + Professional Coach relationship can help you manage and save you time by providing the laser focus and lens on your most important challenges and issues. My coaching model gives you the gift of TIME and the space to THINK through simple to complex problems surrounding your work and life. With the combination of your time, plus open thinking, the potential outcomes and RESULTS are numerous and profound.

TIME A Coaching Model By Cyrus Erickson

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