Florida Cinemas Shuttering As Hurricane Idalia Approaches


Several multiplexes in Florida are seeing their final shows tonight before Hurricane Idalia hits the state in what’s expected to be a category 3 storm with surges of 15 feet on the state’s Gulf Coast side.

Deadline hears that at least 24 cinemas are closing in Florida tonight including but not limited to AMC locations in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Orange Park and Regal sites in Ocala, Pinellas Place, and Gainesville. Many are looking to safely reopen on Thursday before Labor Day weekend which will bring the Sony hit, The Equalizer 3, set to make $30M-$40M over four days.

The hurricane is currently a category 2 per Weather.com and about 300 miles south of Tallahassee with maximum sustained winds up at 100 mph. Many locations in southern Florida have measured wind gusts between 40-50 mph.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has already declared a state of emergency in his state ahead of the hurricane’s arrival.

CNN reports that the Pentagon is at the ready with 3K National Guardsmen mobilized ahead of Hurricane Idalia. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said yesterday that he activated 5,500 National Guard members to assist with recovery efforts.

Fort Myers Beach, which is on the Gulf side of Florida, is still recovering from last September’s devastation from Hurricane Ian. Local officials are greatly concerned about the Sanibel Causeway, which collapsed during Hurricane Ian, and is still under construction.

Cuba reportedly saw 4 inches of rain on Sunday, with Idalia hitting the westernmost part of the country the worst with flooding in Havana and several power outages. There were also downed trees, damaged buildings, and flooded homes.

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