The POWER Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Jesse Moore, Health & Wellness Coach, UNITED STATES

Introduction to the POWER Coaching Model:

When creating my model, regarding health and wellness coaching, I wanted to create something that simultaneously represented a professional coaching model with symbolism of strength and control of our own behaviors that lead to better health. As I tell my student-athletes in real-world practice for world-class performance, the power is in you, it is up to you to figure out how to release it, and it is your choice to learn how to use your inner power. For me, the POWER Coaching Model was an obvious choice to name the system I will use to assist my clients in striving to achieve their health and wellness goals.

The POWER Coaching Model is a five-step system designed to empower clients to achieve their health and wellness goals. The intent of the POWER coaching model is to assist clients in their health and wellness journey in order to achieve their goals, discover the inner power, or energy, that they all possess, and use their powerful energy to make the changes they desire. This is a regenerative model in which clients build upon to create their own POWER Tower1. POWER is an acronym that stands for problem, opportunity, womp2, evaluate, and renew.

The POWER Coaching Model


The ‘P’ in POWER stands for the problem or issue you want to address, while clearly naming it. In the niche of health and wellness, this could include gaining more lean muscle, reducing stress, decreasing body fat, finding your happiness, improving the numbers from a blood panel with your primary care provider, figuring out how to prioritize your sleep, and many more. Some of these can be tackled simultaneously because prioritizing your sleep could reduce stress and decrease body fat. Your health and wellness are yours to own, and you have the power to vibrate your energy on a higher and happier level. As an example, we will choose not sleeping enough as the problem we want to work on together because at least one in three American adults do not get enough sleep.3


The ‘O’ represents an opportunity forward that you choose to create for yourself in the form of a goal. Perhaps a client goes to bed at eleven at night and wakes up at five in the morning. They would represent one of the 26% of Americans who only get six hours of sleep per night.4 The opportunity for this client is to increase the amount of sleep to improve their health and wellness. Perhaps it is an increase of thirty minutes or perhaps an increase of two hours. Regardless, they choose their opportunity forward. For this example, we will choose one hour of additional sleep per night for a total of seven hours of sleep.


The ‘W’ in POWER stands for womp, which is a slang term, that represents something that gets in your way, an error, or something that feels like it brings you down.2 In other words, it is an obstacle for a client. In this third step of the POWER Coaching Model, the client will identify their womp(s), and create a path forward to practice in order to change their health and wellness. For example, our client reveals that they go to bed at ten at night but scroll through their phone and through TikTok as they get into bed. Before they realize it, an hour vanishes, and it is eleven at night. After identifying the womp, which is their phone and TikTok, our client comes up with the idea through powerful questioning, that they will plug their phone into the opposite outlet from their bed so they cannot lay down and begin scrolling. They want to measure an increase in sleep with a wearable device, such as an Apple Watch.


The ‘E’ signifies your opportunity to evaluate the results of your work so far or at the end of a period of time you gave yourself for your goal. After a month of successfully keeping their phone away from their bed at night, our client can see the data from their wearable. Their sleep per night increased by an average of fifty-one minutes per night. In addition to the visual of the data, our client can feel a huge change in how rested, less irritable, and whatever else our client may have noticed.


The ‘R’ stands for renew. If you achieved your goal and want to set a new goal in the same area of your health, or if you achieved your goal and you have a different goal regarding your health and wellness that you want to achieve, you have the POWER to do it. Our client could strive for eight hours of sleep or could strive for a different opportunity regarding their health and wellness. Building upon previous goals or adding new health and wellness opportunities allows clients the flexibility to make changes in increments as they adapt to busy lives and allows clients to build upon previous goals. This is why I refer to it as a regenerative model. Because our clients can build upon their growth and use the model throughout their entire coaching journey, it positively improves their health and wellness, thus allowing clients to feel regenerated.

Perhaps our client did not achieve their goal. Perhaps our client plugged the phone in across the room but got up to check it and walked their phone back into bed. Renew also allows the client to recognize that they did not achieve their goal or make progress toward their goal. They have the power to choose to renew their goal and try something different to achieve the additional hours of sleep they want, need, and deserve.

Building your POWER Tower:

While a client is on a health and wellness journey using the POWER Coaching Model, when they evaluate results and achieve their goal, metaphorically speaking, they create a block of power from within, that they can lay as a foundation to continue their health and wellness journey. As they continue working with me and when they conclude working with me, they will have had the ability to build their own POWER Tower, which is a symbol of their achievements toward a better life as defined by them. My hope is that this metaphorical tower will be a reminder to each client of the power they have within themself to know that they can handle any womp that comes their way because they are truly POWERFUL.

Learn How to Create Your Own Coaching Model

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1Power Tower:
I am referencing the TPI Power Tower, which is a swimming equipment tool because it gave me my idea for the visual metaphor of my POWER Tower in the coaching model. Adding weight (opportunity/goal), doing work/making changes to technique with the added weight to become stronger and more POWERful for yourself.
2Womp definition:
3Center for Disease Control, CDC Newsroom. 2016.
4Jones, Jeffrey, In U.S., 40% Get Less Than Recommended Amount of Sleep, 2013.

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