The Best Yoga Blocks For Every Level of Practice


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No matter if you’re a beginner to yoga or a seasoned instructor, using a yoga block is a helpful way to support your practice. Yoga teachers, including myself, regularly recommend using yoga blocks to help stabilize the body during class so you’re not wobbling all over your mat. They also serve as support for many standing, seated, and even horizontal yoga postures, allowing you to bring the floor to you, so you can fully relax into a pose.

Overall, yoga blocks help you make the most out of your practice — but many people don’t take advantage of this simple prop.

How to Use Yoga Blocks

You can use yoga blocks in near-infinite ways in both your yoga practice and at-home workouts. For example, in standing poses like Triangle, you can place a block or two under your bottom hand to help you keep your balance while your torso is tilted on an angle. Putting blocks underneath your hands is also helpful for when you find yourself balancing on one foot, like in Warrior Three or Half Moon.

You can use yoga blocks on other body parts, too. Stand on a pair of blocks in Forward Fold to elevate the hips and increase the fold at the hip creases, or place a block between your thighs in a Chair Pose or a glute bridge to engage your inner thighs. You can also take a seat on a block for your meditation, or support your knees with two blocks during a Reclined Bound Angle.

While most people think of a yoga block as a rectangular piece of foam, these tools actually come in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials, with each serving a unique purpose. Keep scrolling for a list of the best yoga blocks of all types — including a foam block, wedge block, curved yoga block, and cork yoga block — and learn about how each one can support your yoga practice. Shop the best yoga blocks for 2023 ahead.

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