Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Justice for Loretta” By Author LeeAnne James


Carter Mills was a successful and well-known investment broker. He and his wife Loretta had an ideal marriage with three kids, a beautiful home, and even a condo in the Dominican Republic. But their storybook life ended on the day that Loretta fell in the shower and died. Carter tried to save her, he’d even tried to do CPR, but it wasn’t enough. His beautiful wife and the mother of his children was gone.

When the police were called to the Mills home on a reported unconscious person after a fall, Sgt. Steve “Mac” MacIntosh knew in his bones that something wasn’t right. Loretta had a deep gash in her skull that seemed too extreme to have happened from a fall. He noticed bruising on Loretta’s body, and a black eye that was so swollen, her eye was shut.

No. This wasn’t an unfortunate accident. This was a homicide that had been staged to look like an accident. And now it was up to Mac to fit together the pieces of the puzzle that would lead him to the killer so that he could find justice for Loretta.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Justice for Loretta: The Thin Blue Line Series, Book 1” written by author LeeAnne James and narrated by Jan Flesher.

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