From Reality to Dream to Action Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Marta Camacho Tejero, Expats Coach, NETHERLANDS

From Reality to Dream to Action MODEL

This coaching model refers to a structured approach that I have used to guide my coaching sessions and interactions with my peers. It provides a systematic way to facilitate personal and professional development, helping clients set and achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and maximize their potential. This model is close to the famous GROW model developed by Sir John Whitmore, Graham Alexander, and Alan Fine in the 1980s, however, it connects more with emotions and is more expansive by focusing on dreaming big and accepting our current reality.

Reality to Dream Coaching Model - Marta Camacho Tejero

After analyzing all the coaching sessions that I have had as a coach or client, I have been able to identify that in most of them the clients were not satisfied with something specific in their lives, or they wanted something different or something more in a part of their lives.

Overall, they did not know the ‘real’ reason since it was deep in their subconscious nor how to get there. Therefore, this model is based on something very simple like defining the reality we are in, as well as accepting it and being grateful for what we have now. Once here, understand what our values and purpose are, and then Dream Big and see ourselves in that new reality. Visualization is a big part of the process since I want to ensure my clients believe what they want to accomplish. Once there, define the ‘how’ or what the new path would look like to make it a true success. This step requires a lot of personal work since we need to not only identify what’s next but to ensure the client has all the tools to achieve their dreams, as well as dive deeper into any obstacles like limiting beliefs. The last step is ‘celebrate’ or just ‘celebration’ which includes celebrating those goals our clients have achieved, as well as celebrating those lessons we have learned along the way. Of course, there is always a ‘Follow-up’ in any coaching model or the so-called ‘stop-start-continue’ step. This exists so we can understand if we are still on the right path or need to adjust our path or even our compass/dreams. These types of coaching sessions are often scheduled weekly and monthly, depending on the size of the goal.

Here you have the model with more details:

Reality to Dream Coaching Model - Marta Camacho Tejero

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