Watch Taylor Swift Unearth ‘Safe & Sound’ and ‘Untouchable’ in São Paulo


The “Surprise Songs” segment for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is the gift that keeps on giving. For her second night in São Paulo, Swift unearthed “Safe & Sound,” from the Hunger Games soundtrack, and “Untouchable,” from her album Fearless. It is the first time she has performed either song in over a decade. 

“Both songs I am playing tonight I have never, ever played on this tour, so I’m excited” Swift told the crowd on Saturday night, who nevertheless knew every word. “It’s been ages since I’ve played both of these actually so if you know them sing along!”

As Swift welcomed her fans to the acoustic portion of the night, she opened up about her new tradition. “I really wanted to try to challenge myself to play as many songs that I haven’t played live, ever or in a very long time, on this tour. So, I try to do a different one on guitar, a different one on piano, and I really, really try to make sure it’s one that I haven’t played on this tour,” she said, before launching into the Hunger Games song she last played live in 2013 on her Red tour.

Next up was Swift’s ballad “Untouchable,” on the piano, which the artist re-recorded for Fearless (Taylor’s Version) but has not performed live since 2011. 


Previously in São Paulo, on her first night out of three, Swift dusted off Speak Now’s “Innocent,” for the first time since the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. She also live debuted “Bigger Than the Whole Sky” in Rio de Janeiro, seen as an emotional tribute to the death of a fan at one of her Brazil concerts

After closing out the The Eras Tour this weekend in South America, Swift will pick back up again in February 2024 with four nights in Tokyo. Those dates notably conclude February 10, or a night before the Super Bowl, in case someone in particular is playing in the Big Game.

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