Eve Richards Guests On “If These Walls Could Talk” With Hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss Wednesday, February 28th, 2024


Who else but hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss could “spill the tea” on their weekly show “If These Walls Could Talk” live from Pangea Restaurant on the Lower Eastside of NYC, with their unique style of honest, and emotional interviews, sharing the fascinating backstory of celebrities, entertainers, recording artists, writers and artists and bringing their audience along for a fantastic ride.

Eve Richards will be a featured guest on “If These Walls Could Talk” with hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 at 2 PM ET live from the infamous Pangea Restaurant.


Wendy Stuart is an author, celebrity interviewer, model, filmmaker and along with If These Walls Could Talk she hosts TriVersity Talk, a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community.


Tym Moss is a popular NYC singer, actor, and radio/tv host who recently starred in the hit indie film “JUNK” to critical acclaim.


Eve Richards is the host of The Discovery Pod with Eve. The new season premieres on April 18th,c the multifaceted British actress, model, blogger, travel and fashion influencer, and marketing professional, is carving a distinct niche for herself in the entertainment industry, garnering attention from notable publications.

Born in London, England, Eve’s upbringing was shaped by her legal professional parents. Her values of community building and contribution, instilled by her father, a lawyer, and mother, a judge, continue to define her journey.

Eve’s venture into the world of acting began during high school, where her passion for the performing arts ignited. Active participation in school plays set the stage for a career she believed was her destiny. Despite initially pursuing a corporate path after college, working for esteemed companies like American Express and Macy’s Advertising, Eve eventually transitioned back to her true calling-acting.

In the marketing realm, Eve showcased strategic thinking and a community-focused approach, aligning with her parents’ values. However, her heart belonged to acting, and she built an impressive portfolio of over 25 independent film roles. Known for portraying strong, influential women, Eve’s performances align with themes of empowerment.

Her theatrical journey includes standout roles like Victoria Curry in “Surviving the Cartel” (Season 1), a nurse in the stage production of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and a CEO in “Love the Wrong Way.” Eve’s performances serve as a source of motivation and inspiration, reflecting her commitment to empowering women through storytelling.

In 2024, get ready for an exciting journey as I launch my podcast, “The Discovery Pod: Acting, Fashion, Health With Eve”! Premiering in April, this show is not just about exploration but also delving into the worlds of aspiring actors, the dynamic realm of fashion, and navigating the intricacies of balancing passion with life’s challenges. Produced by the talented Roger Neal, my PR Manager, this podcast celebrates stories waiting to be uncovered. Join me on this adventure! #TheDiscoveryPod #PodcastLaunch #ActingFashionHealt

Beyond acting, Eve is an active blogger and travel enthusiast. Her website features a blog section offering insights into her travel experiences and providing recommendations on fashion and beauty. Collaborating with producer and director Steven Clay Walker for the upcoming film “See Clearly Now” and joining forces with producer Joshua Labata for “Book of Patricide” underscore her commitment to diverse projects.

Additionally, Eve has secured a role in a project alongside producer and director Gabriel Dorobantu set in Sweden, with production scheduled to begin in the summer of 2024. Her collaboration with producer and director Steven Clay Walker for the upcoming film “See Clearly Now” and partnership with producer Joshua Labata for “Book of Patricide ” underscore her dedication to engaging in various projects.

Eve Richards’s commitment to community building extends beyond entertainment. Volunteering for Dress for Success in San Francisco and collaborated with ONEST Network as a fashion expert, she continues to make a positive impact.

Featured on the cover of The Celebrity Online Magazine’s August 2023 issue and with collaborations on notable projects, Eve Richards is emerging as a rising star. As her journey unfolds, Eve’s dedication to empowering others and telling compelling stories is leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood.



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