This 15-Minute HIIT Circuit Will Help Runners Perfect Their Pace


All runners know that cross-training is essential — but forcing themselves to actually do it can be a struggle. That’s why we love this circuit, led by fitness instructor Ashley Joi. It’s actually the first of a three-episode runner’s series presented by 26.2 Team Milk, and it’s designed to boost your running endurance and help equip you with the tools you need to help you pace yourself on your next run.

This runner-specific HIIT circuit consists of five quick, cardio-focused rounds that range in intensity, including moves like jumping jacks, high knees, side-to-side hops, plank jacks, speed skaters, and more. While leading you through the exercises, Joi also gives tips about how to tune into your body and manage your energy through strategies like controlling your breathing and modifying your moves. The advice will get you through this 15-minute circuit, and it’ll come in handy during your next running workout, when you need that little extra oomph to help you push your speed or your distance. (Of course, you’ll be at one disadvantage when you’re on your run: you won’t have Joi’s motivating voice in your ear, egging you on.)

Whether you’re a beginner runner or a seasoned marathoner, this 15-minute HIIT circuit is worthy of a spot in your training plan. Joi and the class members offer advancements and modifications for every level, and there’s no equipment needed. All you need is a mat, a pair of sneakers, and the willingness to keep pushing — and we can help you tap into that last element. Follow along, and don’t miss the next two episodes in this series, which will be posted the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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