The REFLECT Coaching Model


A Coaching Model By Kylie Borg, Supporting Women Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse Coach, AUSTRALIA

REFLECT – Reflection and Inquiry, Empathy and Trust-Building, Future-Oriented Goal Setting, Listening and Learning, Explore and Evaluate, Co-Creation of Action Plans, & Transformation through Ongoing Support

The REFLECT Coaching Model is designed to facilitate a person-centered coaching approach, emphasizing inquiry, reflection, and the establishment of trust.

The REFLECT Coaching Model

R – Reflection and Inquiry

Essential to the REFLECT Coaching Model is the process of Reflection and Inquiry. This phase is a deliberate process where the coach uses active listening and open-ended and reflective questions to cultivate self-awareness and explore the depths of their client’s goals, values, and challenges.

Reflection serves as a mirror, revealing profound insights otherwise unseen to the client, while inquiry guides individuals to delve deeper into their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This initial stage lays the groundwork for the entire coaching journey, establishing a foundation of self-awareness essential for personal growth.

Together, reflection and inquiry begin a conversation for transformative growth, enabling clients to uncover their unique paths, set meaningful goals, and navigate complexities with clarity. It shifts individuals toward self-discovery, empowering them to cultivate resilience and embrace positive change.

E – Empathy and Trust-Building

As clients begin their journey of self-discovery, the need for a secure and empathetic environment is paramount. This phase emphasizes the creation of a secure and non-judgmental space where individuals feel acknowledged, understood, and supported, fostering an environment conducive to growth and exploration.

Empathy establishes a profound connection between coach and client. It creates a safe space where individuals feel heard, acknowledged, and supported. Trust building fosters an environment of openness and vulnerability. Through empathetic understanding and trust, clients are empowered to explore their challenges authentically. This foundation enables the coach to provide tailored support, ensuring a collaborative journey towards self-discovery and growth.

F – Future-Oriented Goal Setting

Future-oriented goal setting guides individuals toward purposeful and sustainable growth. By envisioning and articulating specific, measurable, and realistic goals, clients cultivate a clear sense of direction.

Coaches collaborate with clients to align aspirations with values, ensuring that the goals resonate authentically. This forward-thinking approach ignites a proactive mindset, fostering resilience and determination. Through the pursuit of future-oriented goals, clients gain a tangible roadmap, allowing them to prioritize actions and track progress. The emphasis on the future creates a positive framework for self-improvement, enabling individuals to rise above challenges, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Future-oriented goal setting propels individuals beyond their current circumstances, inspiring a transformative journey toward their envisioned futures.

L – Listening and Learning

Listening and learning are pivotal in coaching, where the exchange of insights and understanding fuels transformative growth. Attuned listening allows coaches to grasp the nuances of an individual’s narrative, fostering deep connections. Learning from these shared experiences becomes the foundation for tailored support. The synergy of listening and learning not only acknowledges individual experiences but also drives clients toward self-discovery, ensuring that each coaching interaction contributes meaningfully to their personal and professional growth.

E – Explore and Evaluate

Exploration and evaluation guide individuals through a dynamic process of self-discovery and progress. Exploration involves delving into uncharted territories, pushing boundaries, and uncovering hidden potentials. This phase allows clients to navigate complexities, fostering a deep understanding of their capabilities and aspirations. Concurrently, evaluation ensures alignment with goals and provides a feedback loop for continuous improvement. Clients are encouraged to celebrate successes, learn from setbacks, and adapt strategies based on ongoing reflections. The interplay of exploration and evaluation creates a robust framework for personal and professional growth, allowing individuals to refine their direction and make informed decisions. This process not only facilitates meaningful insights but also empowers clients to navigate their journeys with resilience and purpose.

C – Co-Creation of Action Plans

Co-creating action plans is a collaborative process that empowers individuals to bridge aspirations with concrete steps for growth. This phase transforms goals into actionable strategies, ensuring a tailored roadmap for success. Individuals leverage their strengths and preferences to outline manageable steps toward achieving their objectives.

The co-created action plan becomes a dynamic guide, adapting to evolving circumstances. It is a flexible framework that integrates individual nuances and values while fostering ownership, commitment, and accountability. Clients gain a profound sense of direction, purpose, and the confidence to navigate challenges, transforming aspirations into tangible achievements within their coaching journey.

T – Transformation through Ongoing Support

In this final phase, we recognize the need for ongoing support to ensure continuity and momentum for our client’s transformation.

Providing consistent encouragement, constructive feedback, and celebration of achievements is paramount to this transformation. It represents an unwavering belief in the individual’s potential, fostering an environment where they can be their true selves. It empowers the client to navigate challenges with resilience while celebrating achievements reinforces a sense of accomplishment. This continuous collaboration cultivates trust, fostering a safe space for authentic exploration. As the client witnesses tangible progress, confidence grows, and newfound insights guide decision-making. The coaching relationship becomes a catalyst for personal growth, empowering individuals to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and navigate their journeys with newfound clarity and self-assurance. Most importantly, clients are not only transformed but equipped to thrive beyond the coaching sessions.

REFLECT: Comprehensive Guide

The REFLECT Coaching Model is a comprehensive guide, that emphasizes the individual’s unique journey. It empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of their own lives and fosters a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and ultimate fulfillment.

Clients learn the value of each phase and how each phase supports their transformation. The REFLECT Coaching Model positions the client to continue their growth and development and thrive beyond the coaching sessions.

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