Ice Spice Is a Lana Del Rey Stan, Too


Queens on Queens

“I’m obsessed with her,” she says. “And I feel like all of her songs are hits, even the ones that aren’t as big as the others”

This Bronx baddie is a fan of the “Brooklyn Baby.”

In a new Billboard interview that honors her as Hitmaker of the Year ahead of their annual Women in Music event, Ice Spice shared her love for some of her favorite artists, including the Born to Die queen herself, Lana Del Rey.

“I would say Lana Del Rey,” Spice said when asked about her favorite hitmakers of all time. “I’m obsessed with her, and I feel like all of her songs are hits, even the ones that aren’t as big as the others.”

“Rihanna, too. I have both [her and Del Rey’s] vinyls. Taylor Swift,” Spice added. “Of course, Nicki Minaj. Drake. The list is long!”

This isn’t the first time Spice shouts out Del Rey in an interview. During a cover story with Complex last year, the rap star said that recently she “only wants to listen to Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence.”

The pair of artists have also been spotted together several times in the past few months: They sat together during the Super Bowl alongside A-list bestie Taylor Swift, and also snapped a picture together at the Pre-Grammy Gala & Grammy Salute to Industry Icons last month at the Beverly Hilton.


Elsewhere in the interview, Spice reflected on her upcoming music calling it her “best work” yet.

“If the beat doesn’t instantly move me — like if I don’t physically feel the beat of the speakers — then I’m just going to keep moving on to the next one,” she said. “But as soon as I know, I know I have that beat. It’s up from there.”

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