‘Captain America: Brave New World’: Harrison Ford’s POTUS Wants Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson To Rebuild The Avengers In First Look At CinemaCon


Fanboys will have to wait until San Diego Comic Con to see footage from Marvel Studios‘ 2025 release Captain America: Brave New World, but exhibitors do not. On Thursday during Disney‘s closing CinemaCon session, the studio showed off the new Anthony Mackie movie that picks up after the events of the 2021 Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In that series, Sam Wilson takes over the shield left behind by the late Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige called the film “a grounded politically thriller” onstage of Caesars Palace at the Colosseum before introducing Mackie.

Mackie shared how he started in these movies 10 years ago, and loved how he’s now “starring in my own Marvel movie.” Mackie didn’t delay and introduced the footage.

In the clip, Harrison Ford’s POTUS wants Sam Wilson to rebuild the Avengers. He’s impressed what the hero did down in Mexico. However, Wilson wonders what happens if they disagree on how to manage the new team. Next scene: Ford is making a presentation to a room full of authorities. However, a couple of people in the crowd become possessed — Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah Bradley and a general — and turn on the crowd, in particular Ford’s character. A la Air Force One, he’s a tough POTUS and punches the military guy in the face.

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Julius Onah directed Brave New Word from a script by Malcolm Spellman, who produced Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as Dallan Musson and Matthew Orton.

Captain America: Brave New World comes out on February 14, 2025.

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